March 7, 2017

A Tropical Baby Shower

This past Saturday we threw a tropical baby shower for our friend Melissa. I'm not sure anyone wears pregnancy better! She's such a babe at 36 weeks pregnant, its unbelievable. 

Melanie and James were kind enough to host this in their lovely home, and their natural light kills me every.time! There was great food, great company, cute baby onesies, but my personal favorites were the bartenders, along with the the custom mix DJ JZ made for us!

"Chad the dad"!
doing some ring tests to see if the wives tale works
after party

I sure hope we can make every baby shower a Tropical Paradise, because this was fun!!

Photography: Melanie Zelnick Photo
Invitations: Morgan Bench
Letterboards: letterfolk, and
Large Pink Balloons: Amazon
"Bebe" Letter Balloons: Oh Shiny Paper Co
Palm Leaves: SF Flower Mart
On the Menu: Hawaiian sliders, fruit, Mandarin Orange Salad, Bob's Donuts (the palm leaves were cut out of a green poster board, and secured with a thick tooth pick), drink bar


  1. This shower looks so so fun! I love it!! Can't wait to see the baby :)

  2. Cutest baby shower! Momma-to-be looks gorgeous and I am so glad that she enjoyed this bash thoroughly. My own sister is expecting a baby and I want to host such a blasting shower for her at one of prettiest party garden themed Venues in San Francisco.