February 27, 2017

Latest Favorite Tunes

Back in October I decided I would make a playlist of my favorite songs of the year old and new. It's been a fun playlist to listen to (especially on long drives since it's currently 7 1/2 hours long). You can listen to that playlist here: 24

My dad's birthday was yesterday, and I decided I would make a playlist of all the songs that I grew up with. It was fun to reminisce, and I know I'll continue to add more when I hear old tunes on the radio! That one can be listened to here: Born in the Wrong Decade

I have two playlists I need to make this week, one being a workout playlist (because I haven't found any that I love, and I need to find a different song to do push ups to besides "It's Goin Down for Real"!!) And also a tropical/vacation playlist! I'm always looking for good music, so if you have any suggestions let me know!

Also, did you watch the Oscars last night? My favorite performance by Justin Timberlake - he never disappoints, and I don't think I'll ever get sick of that song!

Emma Stone was amazing in La La Land, and I think she was best dressed! I also wish she and Ryan would just get married already!!

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Happy Monday!

February 22, 2017


Hey! I sure have missed sharing my thoughts, life adventures and everything in between! Instead of catching up since September (that's embarrassing) I'm just posting a recent picture that I love of us. 

2016 was one of my hardest years, and a hard year for the both of us. It was filled with every emotion possible. We experienced some of the happiest times, and also felt lots of heartbreak. I couldn't be more thankful to have this man by my side to experience every up and down through this roller coaster of life! Looking forward to starting fresh this year (even though February is almost gone..?), spending time together, and enjoying where we live for our last year and a half! 

Tanner is officially half way done with Dental School, and that feels wild. I always say I can live somewhere for 3-4 years no problem, but now I realize that 3 years in an awesome place actually goes by very quickly!! We feel blessed to live in a building with 2 of our best couple friends, and are trying to hit every bucket list item with them before they leave us. :( We live for the weekends, and will hopefully have some fun things planned in the upcoming months before summer hits. It will be crazy to start "real life" in a year and a half, and have all the schooling over! (except for me...I'm still chuggin along!)

This most recent weekend was President's Day weekend, so we both had Monday off (hallelujah)! We drove down to LA and Newport Beach for the weekend and spent time with family, and were able to visit with our some of our best friends the Bench's and Mier's. We ate good food, got to do 4 loads of laundry for free (!!!), went whale watching with 15 foot waves, enjoyed endless s'mores, and even got treated to a pedicure! We've been getting hit with crazy rain so it wasn't the sunny weather we were hoping for, but anything is fun when we are together.

Hoping to be better about documenting our life again, but in the meantime I'm listening to this playlist, and reading this quote