September 15, 2016

Visiting Point Reyes

I'd had the Point Reyes lighthouse on our Bay Area Bucketlist for some time now, but I never knew the town and surrounding areas would be so cute too!!

We went on a Saturday afternoon with the Fabrizio's, and the drive was longer and windier than we all thought. We stopped at In N Out on our way, because when you see one close you just have to take advantage! 

The cutest little town!

On our drive to the lighthouse we saw the Point Reyes shipwrecked boat I had read so many things about. The water had built up some muddy area that MarLeice and I didn't dare jump over, but of course the boys did.

Once we finally made it to the lighthouse we still had to walk a while, and THEN take the 300 steps down (yep, they're all numbered). Funny thing... we heard a couple people saying, "Wow! It's so crazy how much harder it is on the way up".... you think?? It was a pretty, and windy view, and it was cool to be able to go inside the lighthouse too!

I have always had a fascination with ranch animals, especially with cows! I definitely made us stop to take pictures of those cute little guys! I couldn't get over how bright white the babies were!!

Really wanted to milk these poor engorged mamas!

At one point I started running towards this cow not thinking...just wanting to get a good pic, and Tanner had to yell at me (nicely of course) to be careful and not get charged at haha!

On our drive up we saw this awesome Buddha mural that people were standing in front of. Tanner promised me we could stop on the way back and he always keeps his promises! 

It was a very fun and exciting day exploring with friends!

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