September 9, 2016

Newport with the Z's

We were able to spend over a week with the Zylstra's in Newport. It was nice that we were able to make the annual trip this year because last year Tanner was in school! We were sad Brayden had to miss though.

We ate lots of good food, swam at the pool, went on bike rides, rode the duffy boats, went to the neighborhood beach, finally tried hippo cookies, went to the Balboa candy store, went on an adult dinner, went shopping, and made s'mores! It's always a blast with them, and I feel so lucky to be apart of their family!

{not driving don't worry!}

Tanner's parents just moved out of their childhood home, and I had to take a picture of his tile in the laundry room because I think it's the cutest!

We made it through all of church without noticing that Tanner and Logan had both worn the same tie, both given by me! :) We all got ready in the same jack and jill bathroom too...that's what makes it so funny!

Vacation is all about the food... am I right?

I'm a big sucker for lemonade, especially flavored lemonade. This blood orange lemonade just gets me, and I have to practically beg Tanner to let me spend the money on it... but good thing there's one right by my work and he will never know! :) Except for now. But, they make it so easy by having their very own "lemonade checkout" line haha!

My friend has a top five sugar cookies list, and these Balboa hippo cookies made that list. They were really good, and they're just so cute!

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