August 31, 2016

Tanner is 26!

Tanner's birthday was on Saturday, and I jumped on the opportunity to get 49er's Pre-season tickets for the night before. Almost 30 of our friends were all at the game with us, and it was such a blast! I had this surprise planned for about a month, and no one told Tanner until the last couple days. I was so bummed, but it was still so fun!

The game was in Santa Clara, about an hour and a half away from the city, so we were so thankful for the friends that joined us! 

On his actual birthday we slept in after getting home after 1:30 from the game, he went and played tennis with some of the boys, we went and got our favorite pastries at Mr. Holmes, I came home and finished his cake and scotcharoo treats, he then went golfing with those same friends, and then we went and had a picnic dinner in Hayes Valley with friends. The festivities hadn't even begun at this point! After dinner we had friends over for cake and ice cream, and I don't think we've ever had that many people at our apartment before! We counted about 14 at one point, and I felt so bad because I had just sold our dining room chairs so everyone was pretty much standing up! It was a good time though.

Tanner loves funfetti cake, and I've always wanted to try a "naked cake" without frosting on the outside. It was really fun to make something different, and I think it turned out messy and cute-just what I was going for!

I was joking to my friend saying that one year I accidentally bought trick candles and they wouldn't blow out. Little did I know that I moved with those same candles and Tanner got to blow out the candles about a million time! :)

Mindy happened to be in town that weekend, and it was so fun to have her! On Sunday while the boys worked and studied, we went to the Fortune Cookie Factory after church. It was a teeny tiny hole in the wall shop, but super fun to see how they are made, and we even made some of our own!

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