August 26, 2016

Rogers Girls Weekend

Back in MARCH us Rogers Girls met at Huntington Beach for a girls weekend. Our momma spoiled us so good we asked her to do a trip every year. :)  We stayed up late chatting, we shopped, ate SUCH good food, went to the spa and pool, and gave each other "favorite things" gifts. It was such a great weekend together, and of course it went by too quick!

I was sadly the last one to get in, and was delayed about six hours which was unfortunate since I was missing work. After switching my flight and getting into a different airport and many Uber rides later, I met them in the shoe department of Nordstrom. How convenient! After we shopped and got matching shoes, we went to P.F. Changs and and made a stop at Lemonade for a blood orange Lemonade (my fav). After that, we headed to the hotel, put on our house dresses, and opened our gifts. I love "favorite things" gifts because they have so much meaning, and you don't have to spend a ton!

The next morning Kodi and I went on a long run next to the beach. I say long, because we had spa appointments, and we realized we still had 2 miles back to the hotel when they were scheduled to be in 15 minutes. The specialists really loved how sweaty we were for our massage :/

After lounging at the spa and eating chocolate croissants in the hot tub room, we changed and had lunch poolside. After more relaxation we went to a movie, dinner, and got gelato and my favorite gelato shop in Laguna.

The next morning we went to church in Newport and then went to breakfast at the best spot (in my opinion) Plum's Cafe. We sadly had to go back to the hotel and pack up our stuff, but we made more rounds of shopping and a Sprinkle's trip before we left. 

Thanks again mom!! And dad!!

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