August 25, 2016

Our Final Day in Chicago

We were so exhausted from the day before that we allowed ourselves to sleep in past 7. We didn't have a ton of plans for our last day, so it was a pretty relaxed morning.
I was hoping we would have time to go to Ann Sather's for $3.50 cinnamon rolls, but it just wasn't in the right direction...we will have to go next time! 
After getting off the train we started to get a little hungry and it was getting close to lunch time. We headed to Millenium Park to see "the bean" and saw another Shake Shack, so we decided we needed it one more time before we left. They ended up having a "Black & White" shake (that they made double for us on accident) that was amazing! Chocolate and Vanilla custard and caramel sauce...I'll be getting it next time. Also, this location is in a hotel, so it's probably the prettiest location you'll ever see!

In the park there are these really cool water features with footage of people's faces. They blink and everything, and then eventually they "spit" water. It would be a super fun splash pad with kids!

The bean was even cooler than we expected. Where do people come up with these things? It was really cool to see your reflection in like a million different directions.

Proving to Tanner that it IS still cool to do jumping pictures.

After a million pictures of "the bean" or "cloud gate", we walked around Millenium Park and that thing is huge! We sat down for a live orchestra rehearsal at the Great Lawn which was amazing, walked around the gardens, and ended up walking through Grant Park. We didn't know where we were going, but we kept loving what we were seeing!

We then ended up at the Buckingham Fountain, and just in time for the water "show". There are park benches all around, and it was a fun place to just sit and chat. I thought it was so beautiful!

We found ourselves stopping at Garrett's popcorn for the "Garrett Mix" which is a mix of caramel and cheese popcorns. We both thought it was good, but are more impressed by the blue bag at Costco. :)

I was so excited to go to the free Money Museum and surprise Tanner because I thought it would be a cool "boy" thing. We got there at 4:45 and they closed at 4:30!! I hadn't even been checking the time and was so disappointed. So someone please go and tell me how cool it is!

After walking around more places, and looking at the beautiful architecture, we took the train home to meet The Read's at Portillo's for dinner. I read so many places to get the Italian beef sandwich, and the chocolate cake shake, so that's exactly what we did. Two shakes in one day? Don't judge.

We packed up our stuff and sadly had to say goodbye. It was not enough time with my Christy, but I'm so glad we got to see where they live and spend time with her and Trent. Luckily the O'Hare airport is super bright and cheerful, and makes it a little less depressing to fly home.
We prepared for our red-eye flight, and decided we will never be doing one again! Tall people are not meant to sleep on planes. That's all.

Thanks to the Read's for hosting us, and to Chicago for being so beautiful and SO clean!!

See you next time!

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