August 22, 2016

Chi Town (Part 1)

We were lucky to go visit our friends after our trip to Arizona. Christy and Trent are living in Chicago for Podiatry school, and it gave us the greatest excuse to finally go! And, we seemed to pick the right weekend, because they were house sitting one evening so we got to all enjoy something besides are teeny apartments, including a pool!

After we landed at O'Hare, we went back to their apartment to freshen up after our early morning flight (where I threw up for the first time on a plane! Yuck.). They live in the most beautiful suburb, and we couldn't get over the houses around them! So beautiful.

We then got to go downtown and visit Oak Street Beach (my favorite! our only regret of the trip was not getting in-it was so warm!), visit the Home Alone house, eat Deep Dish at Lou Malnati's, visit the Baha'i Temple, see more views of Lake Michigan, walk part of the "Magnificent Mile", and we ended the night with some ice cream drumsticks at home, and we all went to bed because we were pooped!

laughing at how awkward pictures are on trips with just your spouse..

"look what you did, you little jerk!"

This temple was so beautiful, on the inside and out!

You would have thought we were visiting Asia with how many times Tanner posed like this for me.

So So good. We have a taste of deep dish with one of our faves "Patxi's Pizza" here in the bay, but it's just not the same!

It was the perfect first day!

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