June 1, 2016

Santa Cruz

We rented a beach house in Santa Cruz with 6 other couples, and we decided it has to be a yearly thing! Santa Cruz is such a fun area with a boardwalk to hang out on, and we had such a good time! We stayed for two nights and it was so perfect. We are so thankful for our friends here!

I don't know why this picture makes me laugh every time!

The days consisted of lots of spike ball, and lots of Diet Cokes.

I'm glad our friends love the beach as much as we do!

When the Zylstra's Come to Visit

Some of the Zylstra clan came to SF during their Spring Breaks. We got to play tourists with them, and show them our favorite restaurants! 

We started off the weekend with "Off the Grid". It's the food truck party of all food trucks and it never disappoints.

We drove all around Golden Gate park, and took the peddle boats in Stowe Lake. Tanner's parents took electric boats, and sadly ours was verrrry slow, so Logan tried to connect them. And, we saw millions of turtles! It was so fun.

We also got to visit our Aunt and Uncle in Brentwood about an hour away and spend conference Sunday with them. It was such a good weekend with family, but of course way too short!

Spring Break 2016

Tanner had a week long Spring Break back in March, and we sure took advantage of it! That first Saturday was filled with adventuring with the Fabrizios. We went all over the city, and it was seriously the best being explorers. 

I worked on Monday, and then Tuesday morning we picked up Melissa who had been in Florida working, and we drove with the Sloans to Newport! It was Easter weekend, so two other couples were able to join us at the end of the week, and it was just so fun. We stayed up all night laughing, and it was such a great memory to share together!

Captain Crunch every morning for me!

Sunsets and Palm Trees. I really don't think there's anything better!

Justin Bieber Concert

Before Tanner's Spring Break, MarLeice and I went to the Justin Bieber concert in Oakland! We got beer spilled on us, everyone was smoking weed near us, and we took the Bart the wrong way home. His concert made up for it though! He was such a great performer, and I'm so glad we went.