May 10, 2016

Weekends are the BEST

We feel so lucky to spend time together on the weekends and be able to explore this beautiful city! We have also taken advantage of living so close to Tanner's family! Here are a few pictures from these exciting weekend adventures!
{Quick weekend in AZ--I think Tanner was there for 24 hours? And Phx Suns}

{Southern CA, Disneyland, Valentine's Day, baby birthdays...need I say more}

{I got to go with the family I nanny to Lake Tahoe, and I forgot how much I hated snow!}

{Weekend Runs to bakeries! The only way I'll get out of bed}

{My Brother in Law came to visit for work, and took us out to dinner and Ghirardelli}

{Temple (and In N Out) Trips}

{It shocks me when Tanner agrees to go to the actual movie theatre. So when we do I don't dare ask for popcorn, haha!}

{Baby showers for good friends who luckily have family nearby so I can see them even when they live in FLORIDA!}

{Midnight Bob's donut runs with friends..and bacon wrapped hot dogs for a chaser I guess}

{Light nights and pretty skies and eating outside}

{Food Truck parties like you've never seen, and Warriors parties}

{Beaches, and "Taco Bell Beach"}

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