May 10, 2016


It's been too long since I've posted on here, so I decided to post some pictures of our lovely visitors! We have been blessed with already two trips from friends, and multiples trips from family out to see us! It makes it so fun to look forward too, and we get to take them to all our favorite places, and eat our hearts out!

Our first trip of friend visitors were Tanner's close friends growing up! Thankfully they let me join their friendship 4 years ago!

Those lemon poppyseed pancakes were the best of my life, and I always dream of them.

On Sunday, Tanner had to sadly study all day, so I was the tour guide. I had a major headache and a dang stye in my eye, but luckily our city is gorgeous so it was easy to take them around!

Our next friend visitors were Morgan and Mckay! It was so fun having them in town, especially because they stayed at our house. And you know what that means? They slept on an air mattress at the foot of our bed, so it was a major slumber party! They came the weekend before the Super Bowl, so the city was showing off for them for sure!

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