February 11, 2016


The weekend before Thanksgiving was one of our cousin's wedding in Southern California. When we heard we were the only ones in Tanner's immediate family not attending, we RSVP'd two days before, and surprised the rest of the family. We couldn't miss out! We drove what seemed like forever to get there, but the quick weekend with loved ones was just what we needed!

Thanksgiving this year was with my side of the family, and they hopped on some cheap flights, and spent it here in SF with us. Sadly, our other sis couldn't make it..we missed her so much!

We first started off the week with a little "Friendsgiving" in the best way possible.. at BiRite ice cream, because who likes pie?! (Oh wait, Tanner does.)

I had most of the week off, so it was nice to clean and get organized before the family came into town. They arrived early Wednesday morning, and we went and grabbed breakfast downtown. Tanner had school until later that afternoon, so we killed some time walking around china town and going in shops. It was actually extremely cold Thanksgiving weekend, so we tried to stay inside!

We then went to Alcatraz that afternoon, to Boudin for Clam chowder in sourdough bread bowls, and then I'm pretty sure we had Ghirardelli for dessert!

On Thursday, Thanksgiving, we slept in, went to brunch, and SF was such a ghost town! We had no idea that everyone would be out of town, but it was great for us! Later, we walked around the Palace of Fine Arts, and around Chrissy Field so Brooke could take our Christmas pictures, and then we went back to our teeny apartment for some games and to relax. We had an early dinner at Ruth's Chris, and finished the night doing some other touristy stuff!

On Friday, after being first in line at Mama's for breakfast, we walked around Coit Tower, and up and down a million hills while we waited for the boys to get the rental car. We then headed to Muir Woods which was seriously beautiful. I couldn't get over how crisp the air was. 

On our drive back, we took them to an awesome lookout of the bridge, and soaked in the view.

Later that night we went to the Union Square Tree Lighting, and that was so cool! None of us had really been to a actual tree lighting before, so it was a neat experience. Jordin Sparks even performed, and we watched some awesome ice skaters. Then we rode a cable car around downtown, and finished off the evening with some warm maple donuts from Bob's. It's down the street from us, and if you visit, you'll have to stay awake until midnight because that's when they're warm, and they're just oh so delicious!

On our last day together, we tried a yummy creperie for breakfast, went to the Fairmont hotel for their  Gingerbread house that is life-size(!), to see Santa and indulge in some yummy hot chocolate, and then spent the rest of the afternoon at the Wharf, where the kids got to run around and jump on those cool trampolines.

It was so fun having our family in town for the holiday, and if you follow any of us on Instagram, I'm sure it was annoying, especially because we made a hashtag! #zeagersturkey15 my sister and I thought we were so clever combing all our last names together, but no one else really got it... It made for some laughs though. We love when visitors come!!!

Tanner's side was really hurting him Sunday night, and only got worse in the week. We thought it was a pulled muscle or something from church basketball, but Tuesday at school he told me he wasn't feeling well (which is SO unlike him), and I knew it was serious. I got all the drugs to knock him out (I thought) for a flu coming on, but he didn't sleep at all that night. He had to sit straight up on the couch or else he couldn't breathe! I had work at 6:30 the next morning, so I needed rest, and figured he would be better in the morning (I sound so horrible now). I was so worried about him as I drove to work, and a couple hours later, he took himself to the Urgent Care, because he couldn't catch his breath in the shower. I met him there, and they sent him to the E.R. for some scary things (which were luckily false). I was a mess to say the least. Test results finally came back saying he had pneumonia and pleurisy. Unfortunately, he's still dealing with the pain, but luckily its a LOT better, and he's healthy. 

It was really really scary for me, because I've never really been to the Emergency room ever.  I was just a ball of emotions, because I didn't know what was going on, and I was still nannying at the time (which luckily for some random chance he had school off that day, or else I wouldn't have been able to meet Tanner and be with him), so i was just scared, and just wanted to take care of my Tanner! It's sad that a scare like that has to remind you of how much you love someone! 
I squeeze him a little tighter each night now, and thank my Heavenly Father it was nothing worse. 

Much to be Thankful for!!

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