December 10, 2015


I'm a little embarrassed that it's been this long! Hello! I'm here!! Long story short, Tanners laptop got stolen, and even though life without mine has been rough, it's been the last thing on the list to buy with student loans. :) We will get one soon though, because I can only do so much on my phone!! So, I have taken a long break from updating this blog due to mean San Francisco hobos. (I'm not really sure it was a hobo, actually I doubt it was a hobo that stole his laptop, but for some reason it makes me feel better saying hobo...)

So, October. I had my birthday, we celebrated our 3 year anniversary, our first Halloween in the city, and fun in between. Basically I'm sure it was a great month, but it's been way too long I seriously don't remember. 

We took our first trip to walk around the Palace, and we were sad it took us that long to experience thebeautifulness!!

I had a morning off and it was spent at the Oakland temple. That place is so beautiful with such an amazing view!

We got to experience our first (I know.. a lot of firsts) fleet week extravanagza where we got to watch the planes fly high in the sky, from our friends amazing roof top.  

On my birthday, we had a Relief Society cooking group (we have one every month and it's AWESOME!) and it was fun to be with some girlfriends. Tanner was able to leave school around 8:30, so we walked around some shops, walked the Lion steps, and ate birthday cake (made by me-yes I made my own birthday cake!), and the large donut my friends dropped off at home, and finished the night by watching our shows. It was hard to not see Tanner much on my birthday, but I was glad he was able to leave school a little early for me!

We got to go to Southern California to attend Madison's bridal shower, watch Logan's football, and be with family! Tanner was invited to a dental conference that same weekend, so it totally worked out great! We were glad we got to go, and it was so fun that our friends picked us up from the airport. We can't wait for them to visit in a couple weeks!

When we got back to the city, we celebrated our three year anniversary, and Tanner surprised me with dinner at Foreign Cinema, a place that has been on my list to try! It was SUCH a good surprise. They play foreign movies (usually) during the movie, and we totally lucked out with watching Wizard of Oz! It was such a blast and the menu is different every day... it was delicious!!! 

I ran into this great looking guy on my birthday, and was too shocked to get a picture, so when I saw him again, I stalked him for five minutes taking pictures and the laughing tears wouldn't stop. I'll spare you the frontals haha!!

I got to work with a event planning boutique here in the city, and I got to be like J-Lo with a headset and everything. To say I was smiling from ear to ear is and understatement. I loved every second!!

We trick or treated with the families in the ward at Presidio Heights-a neighborhood that has large houses and yards!!! Yes, grass! :) I'm jealous of everyone that lives in there. They also give the best treats ever-King sized candy, packs of gum, etc! And then we went to our friends Halloween Party! It was a fun day! 

The month of October, like every month whizzed by. Can't believe we have lived here for almost six months now! Until the next update....

(also, it must have been too long, because nothing is cooperating and centering... oh well)