September 23, 2015


-We live on a huge hill, and one night after a late night grocery shopping trip with MarLeice, I tried to make sure I fit into the spot without being in the red... Well, when i realized I wouldn't fit and reversed, I hit the car in front of me, because I guess that's how gravity works. After about 15 seconds of panicking because I seriously couldn't reverse on the hill, we got out and checked the cars. Mine was in perfect condition (I seriously thought we hit the four cars in front of us as well), but theres was not. It was hard to determine what was actually from me because it was a white car, and the whole bumper was screwed up. So, after a lot of courage, I wrote a note and left it for them. I wanted to be a nice human, because one day I walked out to our car being towed, with a parking ticket, AND a nice ding on our bumper with NO note. So, karma, or something like that.

-lots of staring at mannequins and taking pictures of outfits for Instagram.

-"Dreamforce" conference was last weekend, and I can't tell you how many buses were downtown it was ridiculous. The boys snuck into the conference and stole badges. They're cool.

-Lots and lots of park dates

-Trying new ice cream like its my job. We've all agreed that we've gained at least 5 pounds from just the ice cream we've consumed.

-And more ice cream....

-And sunset 5 minute dates! We watched the sunset at the park above our house, and on Instagram I told the story of how the people next to us started doing drugs in their Gusher box. it was awesome.....

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