September 15, 2015


For Labor Day weekend, we tried to soak up as much time together as possible. It was fantastic! I absolutely loved the time Tanner and I had to do just hang out. 

On Sunday after church we drove to Santa Cruz. It was an hour and a half away, and I had been wanting to walk the boardwalk since we decided we were moving! I was a happy girl getting to ride the "ski lift" haha. It was definitely a hot and crowded day, but it was great nonetheless! We packed our lunches and were on the road, and it didn't take too long! The parking at the beach took an hour though...not kidding. Luckily, we had a gracious man who had an hour left on his meter and let us park there when he left. 

After all that driving and walking, we were starting to get hungry. We went to Pizza My Heart, and it was amazing! Definitely recommend for a yummy pizza and drink...they had the electronic Coke machine, so that makes it automatically better! ;) Perfect meal for after a hot long walk!

After the pizza, we were stuffed, but I wasn't leaving until I got my ice cream. I had done my research, and found this homemade ice cream shop that I knew we needed to try. They top your ice cream with MARSHMALLOW FLUFF (if requested) and toast it with a torch. I MEANNNNN. So good. The Marshmallow fluff was totally homemade and so so yummy. It was seriously amazing, and I keep thinking I want to drive back there just for the ice cream, and I'm serious.

the things us wives have to deal with... :)

We ate out all weekend, watched movies, and played with friends. It was fantastic!

Tuesday morning MarLeice and I headed to Baker Beach to try and extend the weekend, and it was my first time going. It was breathtaking! I'm so thankful for where we live!

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