September 2, 2015

A Birthday Weekend + Some Others

Thursday we celebrated Tanner's birthday! I worked all day and night, and Tanner was at school until late, so we celebrated with some late night shakes with friends. 
This picture was taken when our friends (and strangers joined in) to sing Tanner Happy Birthday on the street. Of course I'm the annoying wife and zoomed in major, but he's such a cutie!

Friday night we decided to celebrate at our first Giant's game! That stadium is seriously breathtaking.

We are sitting on they very tippy top last row, but I actually wouldn't have wanted to sit anywhere else! The bay is just so beautiful!

I saw the most beautiful rainbow on Saturday morning. It was huge!!

Saturday evening we went to pizza with the Fabrizio's, and then grabbed some ice cream sandwiches later. MarLeice and I spend a lot of time together since both husbands are always gone. So... i hope we don't kill each other soon! :)

We both had lunch open and free, so we biked to the beach for a picnic. And then we tried to bike up the hills, but it didn't really happen. We both almost passed out haha.

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