September 24, 2015

my birthday wish list

With my birthday in less than a month, I thought I could post a Fall/Birthday wish list and get away with it. I would love any one of these things to be in my closet right now, and what better way to sneakily send your family a list? ;) 

1. I'm now a San Franciscan, and I totally need a Giants Hat. I'll even just root for them for their pretty stadium.

2Patagonia Jackets are like a real thing here, and my mouth drops to the floor every time I see one. I also really love the simplicity of the grey zip up, I think it would be perfect.

3. When we got engaged, I bought a "T" teardrop charm necklace, and I can count maybe 1 or 2 times I've taken it off. I wear it in the ocean, in the shower, everywhere I go. I won an Instagram giveaway for a blank bar necklace, and I wear that now too, but I really want a bar necklace with some significance. I'm torn, because I don't want another "T", but I think I love the idea of our anniversary of our wedding, or first date/kiss in roman numerals.

4. I had switched over to a cross body bag a couple years ago, and I think it's time to get a big bag again. I just love the convenience to be able to carry my laptop around if needed, and heck, I always have so much crap in my bag. I'm a navy girl through and through, and this one is a winner.

5. Ok, I've always been skeptical of Birks coming back, but they're back for good, and better than ever. I need them.

6. I've always wanted a polaroid, but I haven't found one that actually makes the size of the picture, and isn't too bulky. This new design is perfect for me, don't you think? I love hanging polaroids around the house.

7. A girl can never have too many booties, that's just the truth. These are just so different, unique, and fun, I would love for them to jump into my wardrobe!

8Last but not least, I think for my 23rd birthday i will be responsible enough for my first pair of expensive glasses. These just have me written all over them, and I promise to take good care of them.

**PS my birthday is October 14th. ;)

September 23, 2015


-We live on a huge hill, and one night after a late night grocery shopping trip with MarLeice, I tried to make sure I fit into the spot without being in the red... Well, when i realized I wouldn't fit and reversed, I hit the car in front of me, because I guess that's how gravity works. After about 15 seconds of panicking because I seriously couldn't reverse on the hill, we got out and checked the cars. Mine was in perfect condition (I seriously thought we hit the four cars in front of us as well), but theres was not. It was hard to determine what was actually from me because it was a white car, and the whole bumper was screwed up. So, after a lot of courage, I wrote a note and left it for them. I wanted to be a nice human, because one day I walked out to our car being towed, with a parking ticket, AND a nice ding on our bumper with NO note. So, karma, or something like that.

-lots of staring at mannequins and taking pictures of outfits for Instagram.

-"Dreamforce" conference was last weekend, and I can't tell you how many buses were downtown it was ridiculous. The boys snuck into the conference and stole badges. They're cool.

-Lots and lots of park dates

-Trying new ice cream like its my job. We've all agreed that we've gained at least 5 pounds from just the ice cream we've consumed.

-And more ice cream....

-And sunset 5 minute dates! We watched the sunset at the park above our house, and on Instagram I told the story of how the people next to us started doing drugs in their Gusher box. it was awesome.....

September 22, 2015

How to Shed Five Pounds Fast

You chop off 11.5 inches of your hair off, that's how. Man alive it is so freeing! I'm seriously loving my new chop and don't know if i'll ever go back to long hair! (Don't worry Tanner... I will eventually) Let's give three snaps to the husband who let's me change up my hair every year... I think i've done it all now, so who knows what will be next.... I'm thinking shaved sides and shades of pink, but we will see. 

AnYwAyS.... I went to AZ last weekend! I had the most frantic experience getting to the airport in time...just think: downtown Oakland, and your driver friend having her map be to the Oakland temple not airport..oops!!!... I have never literally sprinted to my Southwest gate in hopes that I would make it to within the 15 minutes I had, but thank goodness I'm such a runner and made it in time.. (sarcastic, but I did in fact make it!) My momma and I enjoyed a late night dinner and custard at Nielsen's, and then watched a couple episodes of The Astronaut Wives Club (I watched the season in like 3 days).
My BFF Ashlie Larson (she works at Habit Salon and is theeee best: @ashlielarsonhair) did the honors to my hair, and I wish so badly she could be my everyday hair girl. Afterwards, all the gals in AZ went out to lunch and it was such a blast!

I wasn't even nervous during the initial cut!

I kept teasing Tanner with pictures like this...because I'm annoying...

Sorry for all the selfies guys..

That evening I got to go on a dinner date again with my momma to Sauce. My dad was golfing in Utah, and we were headed to Wicked! She originally got tickets for the oldest grandkids, but some of them had soccer games, so my one sister drove into town and we got to tag along! It was fun to all be home for the quick weekend.

The next day my sister and I did some shopping at the best TJ Maxx in America, and then we all played by the pool while the grandkids went crazy. That evening I went to the grand opening of The Soda Shop in Gilbert (Like the original Swig, or Sodalicious, but in AZ) and it was super fun to be with my girls! We went home and chatted that night, and I didn't get home until after 1! We felt like such party animals!

Photo booths are our jam.

And the whole night I was getting sent cute pictures of my husband watching the BYU game, holding some cutie, and making me want a baby. I meannnnn.

You would think never seeing your husband would make being away kinda easy, but it was hard! I missed him so much (I was only three days) but I did! 

I'm loving the new cut, and hoping I can continue to learn new ways to style and curl it!

September 15, 2015


For Labor Day weekend, we tried to soak up as much time together as possible. It was fantastic! I absolutely loved the time Tanner and I had to do just hang out. 

On Sunday after church we drove to Santa Cruz. It was an hour and a half away, and I had been wanting to walk the boardwalk since we decided we were moving! I was a happy girl getting to ride the "ski lift" haha. It was definitely a hot and crowded day, but it was great nonetheless! We packed our lunches and were on the road, and it didn't take too long! The parking at the beach took an hour though...not kidding. Luckily, we had a gracious man who had an hour left on his meter and let us park there when he left. 

After all that driving and walking, we were starting to get hungry. We went to Pizza My Heart, and it was amazing! Definitely recommend for a yummy pizza and drink...they had the electronic Coke machine, so that makes it automatically better! ;) Perfect meal for after a hot long walk!

After the pizza, we were stuffed, but I wasn't leaving until I got my ice cream. I had done my research, and found this homemade ice cream shop that I knew we needed to try. They top your ice cream with MARSHMALLOW FLUFF (if requested) and toast it with a torch. I MEANNNNN. So good. The Marshmallow fluff was totally homemade and so so yummy. It was seriously amazing, and I keep thinking I want to drive back there just for the ice cream, and I'm serious.

the things us wives have to deal with... :)

We ate out all weekend, watched movies, and played with friends. It was fantastic!

Tuesday morning MarLeice and I headed to Baker Beach to try and extend the weekend, and it was my first time going. It was breathtaking! I'm so thankful for where we live!

September 10, 2015


I'm just really happy with our life right now, and the time I get to spend with Tanner when I do. That's all.

September 2, 2015

A Birthday Weekend + Some Others

Thursday we celebrated Tanner's birthday! I worked all day and night, and Tanner was at school until late, so we celebrated with some late night shakes with friends. 
This picture was taken when our friends (and strangers joined in) to sing Tanner Happy Birthday on the street. Of course I'm the annoying wife and zoomed in major, but he's such a cutie!

Friday night we decided to celebrate at our first Giant's game! That stadium is seriously breathtaking.

We are sitting on they very tippy top last row, but I actually wouldn't have wanted to sit anywhere else! The bay is just so beautiful!

I saw the most beautiful rainbow on Saturday morning. It was huge!!

Saturday evening we went to pizza with the Fabrizio's, and then grabbed some ice cream sandwiches later. MarLeice and I spend a lot of time together since both husbands are always gone. So... i hope we don't kill each other soon! :)

We both had lunch open and free, so we biked to the beach for a picnic. And then we tried to bike up the hills, but it didn't really happen. We both almost passed out haha.