August 25, 2015

The Rule of Seven

Last weekend we had our first Stake Conference in our new stake here in San Francisco. A "ward" is the individual church group we are in, a "stake" is a group of 5 or 6 "wards". We got to experience having half of our stake be Spanish wards, and some of the songs were sung in Spanish as well. It was an awesome experience. I also have never had to drive a far ways to get to my church buildings growing up in Arizona and Utah, so it's been pretty neat having to drive 45 minutes or so to our stake building for me. Our stake president (leader) is absolutely awesome, and during the adult session, he gave us some great marriage advice that he likes to call "The Rule of Seven". These rules look like this. 

-Every 7 days a date night 
-Every 7 weeks an overnighter
-Every 7 months a weekend getaway
-Every 7 years a second honeymoon

Does anyone else like the sound of this!!!?
He said that obviously we could change it to be different years to fit our needs and wants, but I like the 7, for the weekly date night, and that it's not all about getting to the 10's! I also like the idea that at year 7 we will be graduating dental school, and in much need of a trip! ;) 
He gave great advice to us married couples that it doesn't matter when or how, but just matters that we spend time together. As of right now, we can't afford a lot of weekenders, and don't really have time for it, but I just liked this idea and wanted to share it. It's all about just being together. 
For example: if I close at Gap, I get home after 10:30, and then Tanner and I maybe say two words to each other and then go to sleep. So, tonight since I got off at 6, I made some sandwiches, and met Tanner at school. We didn't even talk much since he was drilling, but it made me happy to just be sitting near him! :)

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