August 24, 2015

Taylor Swift

My in laws had tickets to Taylor Swift on Saturday, and I couldn't pass up that opportunity to go! It was just going to be me alone, but unfortunately we found out that Opa needs to start chemo again on Tuesday. We were going to drive to see him in Santa Barbara on Sunday, and when Tanner heard this, we bought him tickets right away. It was last minute, and a little hectic flying into different airports and at different ones from the city, but we pulled off a great surprise with the siblings! It was so worth seeing Opas face as well. Him and Tanner have the best bond, and he was so happy to see him. I think I saw him even less than normal because we were doing lots of wedding fun (yay Madison!) and he still studied every hour... even had his laptop in the car at all times. He's super dedicated and that's why I love him so much! 

The girls got to go to breakfast followed by dress shopping, and wedding dresses are just soooo pretty! It was a little difficult trying to find dresses that would work for a temple wedding, but I think we found the right style! It's so exciting. We went to BJ's for dinner because that's Tanners favorite place, and his birthday is this week. We then headed to the concert which was a blast! Taylor (we are on a first name basis...) has gotten a tonnnnn better at singing live and dancing. She knows how to put on a good show!! It was a fun and crazy weekend, but it was nice to get away from all of the sirens and homeless for a weekend! :)

We (my fault) had a problem forwarding our previous mail to SF, and instead I forwarded all of the Zylstra's Mail... so I got to catch up on some gossip, while watching Seinfeld, and drinking ginger ale, since we had the craziest and smelliest uber driver on our way there,

I was greeted with a cafe rio salad and dr. pepper with lots of limes... I love them.


concert time!

I took mostly videos, but here is our girl! (if you follow me on snapchat: @fryry1014 you probably got really annoyed of me!)

we also had the pleasure of having Mary j blige and a couple other celebrities come out and perform with her. but Mary and her were awesome!!!

we love them.


  1. I am glad you all had fun!! We are also going to attend a dance event at one of the best New York venues. After a long time we have planned family trip to NYC. I hope we will also have great time over there.