August 18, 2015

Our First Quake

August 17th at 6:50 am I was woken up by an EARTHQUAKE!!!! (and Tanner calling for me to wake up). Growing up, the only natural disaster you could die from was heat exhaustion, so I've been super nervous for my first Earthquake. Well... we survived, and it was a super hilarious experience!

*** I wake up feeling like i'm on a rollercoaster, and hearing Tanner yell for me to get up. I am sans glasses, still a little delirious, and still didn't really know that that feeling was an earthquake. Tanner keeps telling me to put clothes on, and he's throwing basketball shorts and t-shirts on me. I guess I put the shirt on backwards and that was it. After I figured out what had happened and it was officially done, I ran to the bathroom, and stopped under every door frame..I think I was still asleep. It was a moment I truly wish we had on video!


  1. Hahahaha! You've got the procedures down! We just stay in bed and wait for it to pass ;) hahaha so glad you survived!

    xo, kiely

  2. Oh wow that is so scary! The one and only earthquake I experienced was in the middle of the night as well and I remember just waking up and thinking someone upstairs was being REALLY loud and that they needed to be quiet! Come to find out the next morning it was an earthquake haha