August 27, 2015

Happy Birthday Tanner!

Happy Birthday to my truest friend. My life would not be the same without you, and I'm so thankful for your example to our family. I love you!

25 Reasons Why I Love My Tanner:

-He's Handsome
-He's a Hard-worker
-He gives the best hugs
-He's a good runner
-He's extremely dedicated
-He chose me
-He took, and continues to take me to the temple
-He takes care of me
-He loves becoming a foodie with me!
-He's selfless
-He gives me a back scratch every Sunday during church
-He laughs at me when i do dumb things
-He also laughs with me
-He will watch the Bachelor/ette with me, and be just as into it
-He dresses better than me
-He's tall
-He has the most beautiful green eyes!
-He's intelligent
-He can make me laugh at all times
-He has big dreams, especially with me
-He gives the best compliments
-He has always fulfilled his church callings, i.e.: being my home teacher! :)
-He's strong
-He's the best with little kids
-I get to have him for Eternity

"If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you." — A. A. Milne

August 25, 2015

The Rule of Seven

Last weekend we had our first Stake Conference in our new stake here in San Francisco. A "ward" is the individual church group we are in, a "stake" is a group of 5 or 6 "wards". We got to experience having half of our stake be Spanish wards, and some of the songs were sung in Spanish as well. It was an awesome experience. I also have never had to drive a far ways to get to my church buildings growing up in Arizona and Utah, so it's been pretty neat having to drive 45 minutes or so to our stake building for me. Our stake president (leader) is absolutely awesome, and during the adult session, he gave us some great marriage advice that he likes to call "The Rule of Seven". These rules look like this. 

-Every 7 days a date night 
-Every 7 weeks an overnighter
-Every 7 months a weekend getaway
-Every 7 years a second honeymoon

Does anyone else like the sound of this!!!?
He said that obviously we could change it to be different years to fit our needs and wants, but I like the 7, for the weekly date night, and that it's not all about getting to the 10's! I also like the idea that at year 7 we will be graduating dental school, and in much need of a trip! ;) 
He gave great advice to us married couples that it doesn't matter when or how, but just matters that we spend time together. As of right now, we can't afford a lot of weekenders, and don't really have time for it, but I just liked this idea and wanted to share it. It's all about just being together. 
For example: if I close at Gap, I get home after 10:30, and then Tanner and I maybe say two words to each other and then go to sleep. So, tonight since I got off at 6, I made some sandwiches, and met Tanner at school. We didn't even talk much since he was drilling, but it made me happy to just be sitting near him! :)

August 24, 2015

Taylor Swift

My in laws had tickets to Taylor Swift on Saturday, and I couldn't pass up that opportunity to go! It was just going to be me alone, but unfortunately we found out that Opa needs to start chemo again on Tuesday. We were going to drive to see him in Santa Barbara on Sunday, and when Tanner heard this, we bought him tickets right away. It was last minute, and a little hectic flying into different airports and at different ones from the city, but we pulled off a great surprise with the siblings! It was so worth seeing Opas face as well. Him and Tanner have the best bond, and he was so happy to see him. I think I saw him even less than normal because we were doing lots of wedding fun (yay Madison!) and he still studied every hour... even had his laptop in the car at all times. He's super dedicated and that's why I love him so much! 

The girls got to go to breakfast followed by dress shopping, and wedding dresses are just soooo pretty! It was a little difficult trying to find dresses that would work for a temple wedding, but I think we found the right style! It's so exciting. We went to BJ's for dinner because that's Tanners favorite place, and his birthday is this week. We then headed to the concert which was a blast! Taylor (we are on a first name basis...) has gotten a tonnnnn better at singing live and dancing. She knows how to put on a good show!! It was a fun and crazy weekend, but it was nice to get away from all of the sirens and homeless for a weekend! :)

We (my fault) had a problem forwarding our previous mail to SF, and instead I forwarded all of the Zylstra's Mail... so I got to catch up on some gossip, while watching Seinfeld, and drinking ginger ale, since we had the craziest and smelliest uber driver on our way there,

I was greeted with a cafe rio salad and dr. pepper with lots of limes... I love them.


concert time!

I took mostly videos, but here is our girl! (if you follow me on snapchat: @fryry1014 you probably got really annoyed of me!)

we also had the pleasure of having Mary j blige and a couple other celebrities come out and perform with her. but Mary and her were awesome!!!

we love them.

August 18, 2015

Our First Quake

August 17th at 6:50 am I was woken up by an EARTHQUAKE!!!! (and Tanner calling for me to wake up). Growing up, the only natural disaster you could die from was heat exhaustion, so I've been super nervous for my first Earthquake. Well... we survived, and it was a super hilarious experience!

*** I wake up feeling like i'm on a rollercoaster, and hearing Tanner yell for me to get up. I am sans glasses, still a little delirious, and still didn't really know that that feeling was an earthquake. Tanner keeps telling me to put clothes on, and he's throwing basketball shorts and t-shirts on me. I guess I put the shirt on backwards and that was it. After I figured out what had happened and it was officially done, I ran to the bathroom, and stopped under every door frame..I think I was still asleep. It was a moment I truly wish we had on video!

August 17, 2015

Lately in San Francisco...

I've been so horrible at posting! Gah. It's been so crazy around here, but I want to get better so that I can share our "new life"! Let's start with some pictures....

Our first weekend we went with a bunch of our friends from school to Off the Grid. It's a Food Truck round up like they had in Provo, so we felt right at home. We feel so lucky to have so many wonderful people in our school and ward. I love that we are going to be friends with them forever!

Tanner and I bought Public Bikes (which get to be in our bedroom, by the way), and when we went to pick them up, we saw this cool wooden structure in the middle of the street. We obviously had to leave our mark on it....

Tanner and I were able to go on a little date to try some new food and dessert in the city (there are WAY too many good places to eat here) and he took me to the Full House house. It made me so happy to stand at another place that Mary-Kate and Ashley have been! :)

We live in the Pacific Heights district which is near the water, but we are on straight hills. Most of our friends live in the Marina where it's flat, so one night we looked up at the lights in front of us, and at the tallest light (in the picture below) you can see is where we basically live. It's a great exercise on the bikes! You can't really tell that it's super steep, but.. let me tell you it is.

I haven't found a full time job yet, and I know it takes time, but I've actually been able to enjoy the city a little bit! I've been working "a couple hours" at the Gap on Chestnut, which is an awesome street filled with retail and restaurants. It's been really tough though because I've been closing every night which means Tanner and I see each other for literally two minutes and then go to sleep. It will get better though! The store is awesome because the founders actually live in the neighborhood, so they're always stopping by!

A cold and windy day at the beach is a better day than in snow! :) 

We have the prettiest houses here.

The Mrs. Doubtfire's house is right down our street! My mom came into town to help us get situated (couldn't have done it without her!) and although we didn't get to do a ton of touristy stuff, we made sure to go stop by this house! 

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse has been a place that I really love. You wait in line for cruffins (a filled croissant basically in a muffin tin) and they only make a certain amount a day!

I was pretty impressed with my awesome parallel parking.

MarLeice came to visit before they moved in (which is the apartment above us by the way-it's awesome) and we got to share a lot of yummy food together. ;)

More treats...

More pretty houses...

Tanner and I were able to walk down to the wharf one Saturday night and we hit up In N Out. It definitely was a different experience, but we still love that place.

Also, my friends changed the picture, and now I can't help but see this picture every time now. Too funny!

We have pretty views on our street!

Unfortunately we got to experience being true San Franciscans quite early on. We got a lot of stuff stolen, and it was such a violating feeling. I pray every day walking to my car that it's ok. We think it's because we had our Utah plates still, so after going to the Dmv LITERALLY ten times, we got new plates. So happy! And I don't even want to go into that whole Dmv story, because it's exhausting.

We have a market the street over that sells our favorite ice cream, and we are both ice cream addicts. It may become a problem, but we never see our husbands, so you gotta do what you gotta do..

We went to the Ferry Building's Farmer's Market on one Saturday, and it was so fun! It reminded me of the Chelsea Market in New York City, but not as big. We could go back every week and discover something new!

I stopped by Goodwill in one of the hippy areas, and we got to go in some awesome thrift stores. I wanted to renew my vows in this Hollywood Glam dress, haha!

The dental students had a boat cruise retreat on Saturday night, and they had the best views! They pulled up by AT&T park and got to see a homerun!

Last night I really was craving Utah. I made swig cookies and dirty diet cokes and it was awesome!!!

We are having a lot of fun here, and can't wait for even more fun!