July 20, 2015

What I've Learned

What I've Learned since living in the city for over a week....

- I seriously need to invest in some Lululemon. I've wanted just a plain black jacket for years now, but every time I go in to try them on, I've never found a jacket that fits me right. Maybe I should start with the pants... I've heard they're pretty amazing! 
-It's really bad to turn the wrong way on a one-way street
-Parking on a hill is NO joke.
-I'm never registering our car anywhere besides CA again, because I went 5 times last week, and STILL have to go back.
-I had heard that Google Maps was better than iPhone Maps, and I'll be the first to attest that it is in fact TRUE! Best ever.
-Speaking of Maps, I don't think I'll ever be able to get around without using it.
-The Painted Ladies aren't even that cool. I guess I need to give them another shot because they were under construction with new paint and scaffolding. But, really there's only 4 houses... It was kind of upsetting! (But seeing the Full House house was worth it! AND it's not even really near to the Painted Ladies... look at me acting like a local...)
-There still isn't any Cafe Rio nearby... and I crave it more than ever.
-There are so many restaurants here I don't know if we'll be able to get to them all!
-I really am never going to see my husband.
-Living in small spaces means two bikes in your "bedroom".
-You always need to have your Trader Joe's bag with you at all times, because you never want to pay 10 cents for a grocery bag!
-I also need a Long Champ Bag, and I need it in navy. It's just so much safer to have a big bag next to your side instead of a satchel! ;)
-We hear at least 5 firetrucks a day, and that isn't a joke. I always get a little concerned where they keep going.
-I also need to invest in a portable iPhone charger, because I'm always using maps! Maybe that'll stop when I...get a job. But while I'm at it, I need to get the iPhone 6plus. I still kick myself everyday that I didn't get the bigger one.
And lastly,
-Learning how to cook without a dishwasher is very challenging.

I'm sure I'll have lots more to share as the days go on!


  1. Gosh, please keep sharing! Are you really never seeing Tanner?! I need details so I can prepare myself now!

  2. Welcome to my life! I wonder if we'll ever live in a place where bikes won't be in our bedroom as well... Too bad we aren't in the same place to keep each other company!

  3. Okay, I agree with all of these!! Painted ladies are really not that cool, I was disappointed too haha! The other day I was at the Nordstrom sale in Palo Alto and a lady from out of state was checking out, and I heard her go "you have to pay for a bag!?" hahahaha! I remember years ago when they first started doing that, it was so shocking, but you totally get used to it! I hope you love your time in SF, and that you get to see your husband at least every once in awhile ;)

    xo, kiely