July 16, 2015

New Life

Wow. Where do I even begin! We are now living in San Francisco, and life is different. It's good but lots and lots of change. This is the first day that I haven't shed a tear yet, so let's hope it stays that way! Change is just hard no matter what it is, or how it comes about. It's a whole different world in the city, learning how to park on hills, D R I V E, finding a job, fitting in, and not seeing my husband like I used to. It's just different, but with time it will become normal, and I'm ready for that to happen any day now! But for now, here's some pictures of our first week in San Francisco!

Tanner's first day as a dental student! I'm SO proud of him. 

We had a family orientation on Saturday where we toured the school and it was lots of fun!

We had trouble looking at the camera together, but this is the lab where Tanner spends every day!

The front door to our new home!

We took a ferry over to Sausalito for the day and it was beautiful! The weather has been fantastic.

Sunday after church we walked to the Golden Gate Bridge with some friends, and it was super fun! I don't think I'll ever get sick of staring at the bridge. And just so I remember...our first Sunday dinner in San Francisco, was a bowl of Top Ramen, with canned chicken, canned corn, and green beans...we didn't get groceries beforehand, and used our canned food we brought from Utah! HA!

Beautiful sunsets every way you look!


  1. Gosh this is so crazy that this will soon be normal life to you guys!! I am so happy for you guys and congrats to Tanner for all the hard work he did :)
    Craig applied to UOP so, hey!, maybe we will see you there in a year :) Happy Adventures!!

  2. you guys are going to love the city! it will be such a great adventure for the two of you :) san francisco is probably one of the most fun cities to go exploring. there is always something new to see! i recommend: giant's game, stow lake row boats, ghiradelli square, boudin clam chowder, pier 39, alcatraz, and billy goat hill! hope you guys are adjusting well, change is so so hard! best of luck to you two :)

    xo, k
    pocket of blossoms

  3. This looks like so much fun! I have loved reading about all the bloggers moving to SF, and it makes me want to move there so badly! Change is hard... but once you get used to it, it usually ends up being the best!