June 7, 2015

Cabo San Lucas

Our final port of the cruise was to Cabo San Lucas. Like I said before, we were supposed to start off in Cabo. Since we moved it to the last day, we only had a few short hours to be there which was a bummer, but it was lots of fun! We docked at 7am, and were some of the first off the boat. We found a guy to take us out on a boat and show us Lover's Beach (which was unfortunately "closed" because of the swells and waves) and then went snorkeling. It was such a blast! I also have such anxiety jumping off the boat, or right before I snorkel. I had to do a few breathing exercises beforehand, ha!

As we were getting off of the boat, we saw a million towel animals! It was so cool!

Unfortunately we didn't take a ton of pictures under water, mostly video footage. You can watch that here!

After we snorkeled, we got dropped off at the beach, and immediately snuck into another pool! We drank lava lava's and relaxed in the giant hot tub. We then sat on the beach, and walked around downtown!

We hopped back into the ocean before we had to leave, and we almost missed our boat! We didn't realize that the harbor didn't connect, so the walk was longer than we thought. We were able to get a water taxi but only to the other side of the beach, because we only had a $20 or three $1's, and Tanner didn't want to get pesos for change (the boat ride was $3 each, so they couldn't take us all the way…). Right as they dropped us off, we jumped off the boat..Tanner was barefoot and carrying the backpack and our snorkel gear, and I was carrying a huge bowl we had bought. We started spriiiintttiiiing and right as we did, the boat's horn went off. I thought for sure they were going to leave us, because we had heard so many of those stories, and heard that when they do the horn, you better get back asap. I wanted to stop because we were so far away, we hadn't drank any water, and it was SO hot. I couldn't do it. I said a few choice words and then Tanner whipped me into shape and told me to keep running. Every local we saw were yelling "ándale'" and "rápido" to us, I wanted to cry. We made it on the last boat, and Tanner and I didn't talk the whole boat ride back to the cruise boat. And then we laughed, and laugh about it now!

We loved going to the Broadway and comedy shows at night. We were all also a little obsessed with the money claw in the casino and played it too many times. We had SO much fun, and already talk about going on another!!

The last sea day was pretty stormy, so we stayed inside all day. We had entered a contest for an art piece and decided that we would split the profit (we thought we were winning the $30,000 art piece to end up selling) we ended up both being winners. Cole guessed spot on at $27,500 and Tanner guessed $27,400, and we got to pick two art pieces that are probably only worth $100 or so, but we like to say we are art collectors now! :)

soooo snobby….

Tanner also won his "24-carat gold plastic ship on a stick" for the bean bag competition, and was pretty excited about it! 

Such a pretty sunset to end the trip

Our wonderful and amazing steward, Felix. He took such great care of us!

Everyone go on a cruise!!!


  1. I need to show this post to Brady because our honeymoon was his first cruise and it was NOT a good experience! It was swine flu season and our ship was supposed to go to Mexico, but instead we just floated in the water and looked at Mexico...no bueno. Your cruise looked fantastic!

    Also, I'm literally LOL at you guys running back to the boat!!!!!!

  2. CUTE SWIMSUIT. Like seriously, you're rockin' that. Also we have been DYING to go to Cabo San Lucas. You two make it look so amazing!