June 22, 2015

A Double Wedding Weekend

At the end of May (I know, I know, but my computer has been broken!) I got to attend two of my best friends' weddings. Emily's was on Friday, and Mindy's was on Saturday. It was so fun to be with all of our friends one last time before we all move away. 

We flew in on Tuesday, and started off the wedding week with Mindy's shower in my parents' pool house. It turned out super pretty, and we had a great turn out. 

With my two brides!

The next morning I went with the bride and groom to get our nails done.

We also got to celebrate Shelley's birthday while we were there, so we got donuts and laid by the pool.

I'm also realizing how tan we were from Mexico...and now it's gone :(

Thursday night we had the rehearsal dinner in Emily's backyard, and it was the cutest Kansas BBQ finished with root beer floats!

The next afternoon was the temple sealing and reception, and it was so awesome being in the temple with so many of my friends!

After an evening of late night dancing, we had another wedding to prepare for that next afternoon. We had the luncheon at Tia Rosa's and it made up for how hot it was...

we called our table the "newlywed table" because it was most of the bridesmaids and husbands. The advice our table gave was: "Save water, shower together"...classic! I also had the opportunity of speaking at this luncheon, and Mindy and I have been best friends since Preschool, so not many words were shared...mostly just tears! #embarrassing

After the reception we went to Brimley's to play games. It was truly the last time we would all be together until who knows how long! (except the brides weren't invited...obviously) It was a good time, until we had to say goodbye!

It was such a fun week together in the heat!