May 31, 2015


We were told by a lot of people that Mazatlan was kind of a dud, and it would be our least favorite port. But, it actually was our favorite stop! We did SO much this day, I loved it. We didn't really know what to do in this city, so we decided with our friends Emily and Cole that we would just walk around and explore, and that's exactly what we did! 
The city has a bunch of retired couples that come out on port days, wearing blue shirts, and help you know where to go-it's so helpful! We kept following the "blue line" all day and it was a blast. We first stopped at the beautiful cathedral, than from there, kept walking around the city and made stops in the markets. We saw crazy cliff divers, pigs heads in the markets, and went on our own private beach.

it was pretty humid and sweaty!

Tanner thought this tiny McDonald's was hilarious!


We then took a "cab" (golf cart) to this area that we thought we explained to him was called gold or golden, and next thing we know, we are at a restaurant on the beach. We weren't too disappointed with where the language barrier took us. (Our two missionaries spoke English and Russian, so we were using our High School Spanish...well, I wasn't because I took sign language..didn't help there!)

We then walked down the streets to see if we could sneak into a pool, and we lucked out and had the whole entire infinity pool to ourselves! It was a great view. We had some fun swimming around, but had the itch to find another pool, and so we did! This one was jam packed, but somehow they didn't catch us with no wristbands...I'm surprised though, because we were constantly riding the slide holding a gopro and screaming loud!

Our second cab driver was blasting "Wiggle" by Jason Derulo, and asked us if we were dancing to it because it was Miley Cryrus.... haha!

In the market on the way back we had delicious "Coco" popsicles. They had chocolate chips in them too they were delish!

On our final walk home, I saw this cute boy playing with his puppy in his house. I asked him to come show me and after some nervousness his mom told him it was ok. Aren't they both precious!!

We got back that night and went to lots of shows on the boat!

It was SUCH a good day!

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  1. Oh my gosh... Those pig heads!!! That is amazing and scary.