May 29, 2015

Graduation Trip

After Tanner graduated from BYU, we went on our very first cruise! We wanted to take a trip after graduation, because dental school starts early July, and we knew we wouldn't have a super long summer. After looking at all of our options, we decided going on a cruise was our best bet, because we got to see three different areas in one trip for cheap, and food included! We had never been on a cruise, so it was our first experience, and we've decided we are going to be cruise people. We had a blast! We went on the 7 day Mexican Riviera with Carnival in early May, and it was a good time to go, because we beat the college crowd. The weather was awesome, and we were very pleased with our experience. 

Because I have so many pictures, I'm going to separate my posts. But, here we go!

When we first got on the cruise, it was SUPER windy and cold leaving the port. We asked some other pro cruisers and they said it was from the weather change? I don't know, but I had in my mind that we were just going to be in Mexico, so I literally didn't pack anything long and warm-I just wasn't thinking! Luckily I had thrown in a sweatshirt last minute and it saved me! You'll literally see me wearing it every night haha.

-We loved the "serenity pool" which was the adult pool, because the lounge area was awesome, and it was at the back of the boat, so if I ever felt a little sea sick, it was nice to get some fresh air and look at the direction we were going! (sorry run on sentence….)

We were first supposed to dock in Cabo, but because you dock in the middle of the ocean and take tenders (small boats) to shore, and there were huge swells that week, our captain rearranged our route. We were a little bummed at first, but I really ended up liking it, because it gave us an extra sea day on the way there, and one less on the way back.

We went out on the deck to watch us pull into Puerto Vallarta, and it was so cool to watch our expert captain do a complete 360 with the ship. When we first got off, we walked around town-even to the nearest WalMart just to check it out! We had a couple hours to spare before we got really adventurous.

We then got on a boat to go to our Vallarta Extreme Adventure which we HIGHLY recommend. After we got to the destination by boat, we rode on a cool old bus, rode mules up the hill, zip lined, rapelled into waterfalls, and went on water slides. It was seriously worth every penny. Note: they don't let you take your cameras or gopros which was super super sad, but they have a great photographer taking pictures of you the whole time. They're pricey, but we decided it was worth it.

We got to put on some extra tight and stretchy shirts that were really flattering too....I think Tanner and I were wearing the same size....

And I had to add these great couples pictures they made us pose for!

It was such a great and fun adventure together, and the crew was awesome! We reccomend it to everyone!

After we got back to the port, we had a couple more hours left, so we explored the beach and some of the hotels.

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