April 29, 2015

the graduate

We've had a whirlwind of a couple weeks! Tanner had finals, I quit my jobs, we packed up our house and moved to CA, said goodbye to lots of friends and family, but most importantly, Mr. Tanner graduated from Brigham Young University! Tanner majored in Exercise Science, and minored in Business. he did so well on his finals, and throughout his college career-I'm so proud of him! Now we are living with his family in California for the next two months, before Tanner starts school again. So, we are working hard, but still letting ourselves play and have some fun for the one break we have together! This is the first summer we have that I'm not working full time, and that Tanner isn't in school or studying for the DAT, so I'm excited to have some adventures together! 

Here are a bunch of pictures from the graduation dinner we did for Tanner, followed by Graduation pictures. We had dinner at Alamexo in Salt Lake with our family, and it was a fabulous celebration for our future dentist! 

this picture makes me laugh because of my face, but i just think it's really cute of when Tanner first saw his dinner set up...and me ;)

we had fun with our toothbrush cookies made from Dippidee

After dinner we walked over to City Creek and had a fun time. The next morning we headed over to the house to get ready (in our empty home :( ) and headed to graduation.

Scott's graduation was before Tanner's and we were so excited we were able to meet up with them in between for a picture. We couldn't let those boys graduate college without a picture, since they have lots of graduation pictures together! :)

We are so excited for them to move to AZ to attend ASU, because then we will be able to see them a lot!

Graduation selfies for the win!

he's the cutest ever

it was so windy and rainy after we walked outside!

we are so grateful all of Tanner's siblings were able to be there!

our good friends from our ward that we are going to miss so much!

YOU DID IT, TANNER! I love you!

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