April 30, 2015

other life happenings (according to my iphone)

I am been away from the blogging world, so I'm trying to catch up a little bit! Here are some happenings as of late.

-I had my last day working at Roll Up Cafe. It was lots of fun making crepes everyday, but i'm really not going to miss working until closing, which is 2am!


We had a ward yard sale, and the only thing that got us through not having our husbands there due to finals, was having the sun come out, and drinking sodalicious. 

Our friends are getting married in the same weekend, and we can't wait. We celebrated Emily, with the cutest backyard shower, and a fun bright balloon.

Shelley and I seriously make these faces in every picture we take...

We had our last Sunday in our awesome married student ward. We are going to miss our bishop and the people so much! Had to document our last Sunday in the house.

A couple nights before, Scott and Brimley were over and Tanner tried on his graduation outfit for us. :)

We took our niece overnight before we moved.

We went to chik fil a for dinner, Tanner practiced his chalk skills again, we slept, Soph ran into our bed that morning (our favorite), and then we took Tanner to school and got donuts!

The next night our family came into town, so we had dinner with them, and Liv and I had a photo shoot.

We packed up our house with lots of help from our family, and loaded our huge Penske truck. You never think you have that much stuff until you're literally stuffed to the brim...

We got shakes with our best friends and snuck back to the Bench's house after they left because we weren't ready to say goodbye yet. We are really going to miss them....I can't think about it.

After graduation, Tanner was so done with pictures... but I wasn't! :)

Our last supper in Utah... Cafe Rio. Couldn't have picked anything better.

Soph was playing hairstylist...with water...and traced our hair and eyebrows... it was great! :)

Going to miss our fam.

We didn't buy a lock for our truck, and since we were leaving early in the morning, we brought it to the hotel. We had some great parking skills, right? No one was gettin in!

Our beautiful first home in Utah, that I miss everyday!

Don't know what is goin on in this series of pictures, but it makes me laugh!

The goodbye to Soph was the saddest thing ever.

After I stopped crying, we had suckers on our drive.

We hit crazy rain and wind the whole entire ride. Literally thought we were going to flip over.

And Tanner likes to freak out his mom, so I sent this to her while on the drive since they were driving our car.

We are finally getting settled into our room in California, so it feels good! We are excited for this adventure (as much as I miss Utah already).