March 4, 2015

The Big 6 0 !

This past weekend we went to Carlsbad to surprise, and celebrate my father's 60th birthday! Carlsbad holds a very special place in my families' heart, because we have been going every summer, and sometimes in September for a week, since my parent's honeymoon! We have stayed in the Sea Slope condos ever since I can remember, and it's only been the last couple years that we've started to stay across the street. Our good friends own one of the condos, and have offered for us to use the space for a while now. My mom thought it would be perfect to stay there, only adults, and celebrate our loving dad! 

My mom was super sneaky and tricked my dad into a planned fake lunch, but kept on driving to California on Wednesday. Thursday was his actual birthday, and my sister and I flew in that evening, and our big sis picked us up on her drive in. We surprised him at his favorite restaurant while they were eating. It was perfect! We then went back to the condo, celebrated with Sprinkles cupcakes, and chatted until late.

Friday morning we went for a long walk, had a delicious breakfast in the village, then spent the afternoon on the beach. We were bundled up for some parts, but there was no other place I would rather be! The beach is my happy place, especially Carlsbad in general. That evening we went into San Diego to pick up Tanner from the airport, and had delicious BBQ at Phil's BBQ. If you're ever in San Diego-you must go! It was our first time and it was deeeelicious. We headed back to Carlsbad, where my other brother in law met us, and we stayed up all night playing the classic Carlsbad card game-GOLF. 

I love these huge succulents!

On Saturday, we walked to breakfast in the village again, came back to play more GOLF, took a long walk on the beach, noticed some new model homes, and went through a ton of Open Houses! Picked up some turkado sandwiches to share from Board & Brew, then got ready for the birthday dinner! My dad had no idea we made t-shirts for the occasion, or where we were eating. It was awesome! We watched the sunset before dinner, then our final brother in law arrived, we ate, laughed, cried, and devoured in some delicious German Chocolate Cake-his favorite. We made a 60 page book from memories, letters, and pictures from our family and friends. Even my friends participated and it made for such a wonderful book and keepsake. We went back to the condo and what do you guess we did? Played GOLF.

these t-shirts have the cutest picture of our baby father! i've always loved that picture.
he nicknamed himself "king of the beach" a while back with all of the families that we vacation in Carlsbad with, and it stuck haha!

Our dinner was on a patio watching the beautiful sunset!

There was a sprinkling storm coming in, and it made for the most beautiful sunset!

there were some pretty sweet words in that book.


Sunday morning was relaxing as we were able to watch some Stake Conference on the computer, and listen to the waves. We had lunch at our favorite Cessy's, and then half of us went to the train, and half drove home. We took the train into San Diego, walked around downtown, had some Ghirardelli sundaes, and headed to the airport to go home. 

It was the perfect weekend in our happiest place, and there's no one I'd rather have spent it with! Because I'm the youngest by far, we hadn't done anything just the adults, ever! It was so fun to just hang out with each other all weekend. 

Thanks to all who helped with the book, and helped with the surprise! We feel blessed with amazing friends and family.

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