March 31, 2015

Our weekend

a pretty sunset from the week before

a yummy salad I made at work the other night

On Friday night after work, we enjoyed sitting and raking (Tanner) on our front lawn. We then went to Rita's with the Bench's because we had them for FREE! Holla.

after, we toured around some other provo shops, and then chatted at home.

on Saturday, I worked until the afternoon, and then we drove to Salt Lake for some errands and dinner. it was fun to spend so much time together. after dinner at R&R BBQ, we drove around the capitol, the homes up there, and stopped at a beautiful lookout of the city!

Sunday night we had some family and friends over for dinner, and i'm going to miss our nieces so so much. it makes me so sad to think about it.

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  1. i think my fiancé knows that guy! is his name logan? if not, then this is awkward hahaha. i went up to the capitol the other day with isaac and it was beautiful!!

    xo, k