March 16, 2015

March Happenings

-Getting so excited/extremely nervous to move here!

    -after some of our many trips to Home Depot lately, I ran into this life size dog. His owner had him          sit down all proper, but I wish I would have gotten a picture of him standing up past my waist!

-spring is here so s'mores have started!


                -i ran to go get some toilet paper from the local CVS, and when i put it on our shelf, i hit                my head on the point of it, and you could see the blood vessels about to pop on my i                had almost just cracked my head open! I had a goose egg for a week straight, and it hurt.

                                      -one early morning Tanner and I got to paint together


          -we went with the bench's to a random bon fire, and didn't know anyone else. when i came                                home that night my white converse were black. may have shed a tear...

                  -don't know how i fell asleep like this.... doesn't look like it was comfortable at all

                   -i love coming home to only one cookie on the cake plate, because that means our new                                                                        recipe was the bomb! 


                   -i also love coming home to a package from my momma with a beautiful new Easter                                       wreath! not pictured: a package of biscoff cookies. she loves me


                             -this new job that i have has really helped me develop more food talents
                                                           (and love handles, for that matter) 


             -we locked ourselves out of our house once again....getting confused about who had the car                 keys is tough! :) after standing outside in the spring evening and starving for an hour and a half, we treated ourselves to a little ceasar's pizza and may or may not have eaten the whole thing.                              a picture of my feet, because what else do you do when you're bored.


              -we randomly ran into my childhood best friends' family at the riverwoods on Friday after                                                              dinner with our sister, and it was the best!


               -we got to enjoy the sunshine on Saturday afternoon at the BYU baseball game, watching                  my cousin and our family friend. I wish I would had come in shorts and a tee shirt though to                                                        have gotten some sun! Thank you spring!

                  -Sunday was the best day, where we listened to the "easy listening" station on Pandora                     (aka Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble) and drove around Utah Lake. It was such a good day,                                                    followed by root beer floats at ward FHE, holla!



     -happy St. Patrick's day to my fellow Irishman. Make sure you wear green and have lots of        shamrock shakes, or else I will pinch you! :)


  1. Yes!! Driving around Utah Lake is one of my favorite activities, and that station on Pandora is one of my favs as well. Also you reminded me of the deliciousness that is the shamrock shake, so I believe I will be getting one of those today :)

  2. whatever that is with all the sauce all over looks heavenly :) sounds like the best march!!!

    xo, k

  3. Hi, just another comment from your creepy best friend. I loved seeing the color run t-shirt being sported and I also love you. Gosh, I miss you.