March 20, 2015

Friday Products

I'm so happy that Spring is here!! Now, I just need to work on my tan... ;)

A couple products that I'm loving right now...

    1. Garnier Clean Blackhead Eliminating Scrub. I've always had very visible pores on my nose, and now working with food burners everyday, I've felt like they've become more visible. I've been wanting to try something with charcoal in it (since it's a new hype) and my skin really has felt softer already! Granted I've only used it a couple days, and I'm about to be in the favorite part of the month (if you know what I mean...) so, I'll report back after a couple weeks!

2. Not Your Mother's Dry Shampoo. After noticing that the Suave dry shampoo is no longer sold (the one with the yellow lid, you know?) I became panicked into what dry shampoo I should use, because that one was my favvvvv. My sister recommended this one to me, so I decided to give it a try. Let's just say it made my day 5 hair that had been in a bun and braid all week, look perfect when I wore it down. SCORE! It's a large bottle, with a lot of spraying power. It also gives it great texture, which I love, and smells amazing. This Not Your Mother's brand keeps impressing me!  

3. Cadbury mini eggs. There are no words, except that I love them. Who's with me?! Also, I love that Target has the little perfect mini packs for under $1.

4. Baby Lips in "Cherry Me". Another product that keeps impressing me. I will never ever have too many colors of theirs. They all look SO good. I love them!!! And, this one even smells like cherries! Win win.

5. Last but not least, Biotin. This stuff better continue to help my bangs grow. They're finally not in such an awkward spot, and I can start doing more with them! I'm just dying to get to do my braids again....

Have a good weekend!!


  1. I love that Cadbury eggs made this list! they are my favorites!

  2. HOooooold up, the suave dry shampoo is a no more?!?!?! I could cry. You know that is my fave!! I bought one at Nordstrom Rack the other day (because my hair was soo freakin greasy while I was shopping I couldn't even handle it) called PSSST and I really really like it. More than the not your mother's. I bought that one last time and liked it, but didn't like the smell. Ok longest comment ever, sorry.