February 16, 2015

Our Valentines Day Date

For Christmas, we received a gift certificate to Ruth's Chris from our Oma & Opa. After some chain of events, it made it really nice to have our meal completely covered and free on Valentine's Day! That place is gooood. Especially their sweet potato casserole, mmmm. We actually headed to Park City for lunch, and then spent the day looking at houses in Deer Valley, riding the Funicular at the St. Regis, and spotting celebrities!! It was so nice to spend the whole afternoon together, and we actually really liked doing lunch so we could just relax at home that night! We stayed up super late the night before, so after a big meal and a long drive, we went home and napped! Then, later that evening we went to the Provo Beach Resort for our favorite ice cream, and to watch people surf on the indoor flowrider!  It was such a perfect, relaxed day with my perfect man. We also took lots of selfies that day!:)

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  1. isaac and i love that ice cream at provo beach resort! it's blue bell ice cream from texas and so isaac is obsessed with it because he's from san antonio haha! seriously that sounds like the best day!!!

    xo, k
    pocket of blossoms