February 18, 2015


February has been a weird month with lots of ups and downs, but it's been pretty good for the most part. 

To start off, sorry if you're having trouble with our new web address, Blogger has been facing some difficulties redirecting!

-My good friend had her sweet baby girl, and she couldn't be more precious! Look at that hair too!
Also, it doesn't help baby hungriness when seriously all of your friends are suddenly pregnant....

-My mom sent us an adorable Valentine's Day Door hanger that we love! There's nothing better than holiday packages!

-We got to babysit our nieces Friday night while their parents went on their Valentine's Date, and I get emotional thinking about leaving them in a couple of weeks. 

Shirt via: Olive Lane

-My sweet friend Madeline sent me a package all the way from Florida when I was having a bad day. She knows how to cheer a girl up! (Anything involving washi tape makes me happy though...let's be real).

-When I'm bored I bake, and it's not a good thing.

-We are going on our first cruise in May to the Mexican Riviera, and of course it's all I can think about! If you have any tips, tricks, or fun things to do, please pass it my way! I also really want to go to this hidden beach!

-We have not one but 2 friends that just got engaged, and are getting married the same weekend! It's going to be the absolute best weekend ever.

-Last night I was going to surprise Tanner with a Mardi Gras date. I was so excited because I knew he would have no idea where we were going. A restaurant that I was going to buy a king cake for work was hosting a party with door prizes, a buffet, and lots of beignets. I thought it would be so fun to get some Cajun food and just experience something different! After driving twenty minutes to an office building with maybe ten people inside, we decided to leave because we felt extremelyyyyy awkward. I was so sad! But, we have something funny to laugh at now!

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