January 13, 2015

Our Last Day in NYC

We went home late in the evening on the 23rd, and although I was so nervous we wouldn't have enough time to cross everything off of our list, we did! I think we spent the perfect amount of time for what we were there for, and I'm really thankful we had the opportunity to travel this Christmas break!

We started the morning off walking to FAO Schwarz, and that place is just so fun! 

The famous Plaza hotel!

My mom always loves taking a carriage ride through Central Park, so that's exactly what we did! It also helped that we had a pretty pink carriage!

After we got out of the carriage we decided to walk through that beautiful park for a bit.

We stopped at Magnolias Bakery for the famous bread pudding, and it was satisfying as always.

We took it back to Rockefeller Center to eat inside and watch the ice skaters, and on our way in I saw my BEST FRIENDS! Get it? :)

The last stop for the day was to Grand Central which none of us had been to, and it's the most beautiful train station I've ever seen!

Because we left on the 23rd (along with everyone else in NYC), no taxis wanted to take us to the airport. We literally wouldn't have made it if our plane wasn't delayed (blessing!).

It was a trip to remember forever, and we are so glad we got to go with my parents as well! 
Love you mom and dad :)

DC, First day in NYC, and Second day

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