January 11, 2015

NYC (Part 2)

I think I may go far enough to say that Monday was my favorite day. It was fun filled and jam packed with so many awesome things. 
We started it off right with the best donuts that we have ever had. Like seriously. Then we headed to walk across the high line. It's over a mile long of park built on an old elevated railroad. You had the best views of apartment rooftops, and all of New York City. It was so beautiful!!

Parking in NYC... #thestruggle

As we socialized with a family, they told us to go down the street and find the "Glade Experience". We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into, but it was sure the experience and it was seriously so fun! We walked in, and it smelled like a dream with candles and succulents everywhere. Each room was named: anticipation, relax, flirty, and two others I can't seem to remember the names for. We got to smell new flavors that haven't been launched yet and just be with the fun workers! This was like a 2 week pop up shop that they had going on, and it was such a fun, random experience!

Here we are in the anticipation room!

In the Hawaiian Relax Room. We were literally inside of a seashell.

Flirty Room-dying at this pic.

Room that was like "clean sheets" and had a...awkward...bed ;)

The last room was one of those video game stimulator things.

We then walked in the Chelsea Market and loved seeing all of the shops and food places. It's seriously so cool and has so many things to do and buy!

eating street tacos on the floor. classy.

After, we headed to the Financial District and saw the famous bull!

Our next stop for the day was to Battery park to see the Statue of Liberty from afar. Such a  pretty lady!

For dinner we went to our most favorite place the whole trip:Jacob's Pickles. It was absolutely the most amazing southern food, ever.

After dinner we walked around Chinatown, and then Bryant park to look at the shops, and watch the skaters! 

On our walk back we walked by the Empire State Building again, and because the forecast for the next day was rainy again, we knew we wouldn't be going to the top, so we had to take a pic. I just thought the sky looked so pretty with it all lit up!

When we got back to Times Square, we saw a "commercial" that was going on, on one of the billboards. It was a Revlon sponsored ad and counted down from 10 for everyone in the middle of Times Square to kiss. Tanner and I were right in the middle of the heart! On this billboard you can see us in the group picture in the middle right. So, if you look reallllly close you can see us! I'll post the video of it soon. It was so fun.

This day was fun filled, and our legs were suppppppper tired from all of the walking we did that day. It was the best day!

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