January 20, 2015

An Arizona Christmas

We got to AZ really early on Christmas Eve morning.
That afternoon I went to lunch with my girlfriends, and then we prepared for Christmas! We went to my sisters house for milk and cookies for Santa, and then we were elves that night and took presents to some LDS missionaries in our area that needed some help. It was fun being sneaky elves together-i love that tradition.

Christmas morning we went back to my sisters for a delicious breakfast, and to look at all of their new gadgets. Later that afternoon my other sister got into town, and we opened up presents!

We enjoyed beautiful sunsets, playing at TopGolf, going to the driving range at the club, seeing movies, having lots of Dirty Dr. Peppers, Last Chance, lots of food and treats, hair braiding, and spending time together! Surprisingly AZ was actually pretty cold-it even snowed on New Years Eve! We dreaded coming back to the even colder weather and back to reality of school and work. It was so fun being able to be with family!

New Years Eve was at 10pm for us, and for that, I am thankful. We are such losers now and can barely keep our eyes open when midnight hits. Unless that is...if we are doing something super productive, like watching one of our shows. ;)

double fisting it!

When we got back, our friends that are in Florida for med school came to UT for break, and had a slumber party with us-it was just what we needed. I sure miss going to yoga and Swig with my Mads-she is a friend I know I will have forever! It was so fun going to dinner and staying up late talking!

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