January 2, 2015

Our Year in Review

Looking back on the year we just had makes me slightly emotional. We went through a lot together this last year, and I love looking at our accomplishments. I'm so excited for the next year to come, because I know how much our life is going to change-and I'm so ready for it! I love looking back on the fun adventures and experiences we had each month. Here's a few exciting things that happened:


-we got all moved into our first home
-we celebrated Scott & Brimley's wedding in AZ
-we went to the ice castles for the first time
-I washed dishes in the bath tub until we got a new sink
-we went to our friends' cabin in Coalville

-we were in charge of our new ward's Valentine's Day Party
-I threw my Favorite Things party with friends
-we started a "Saturday breakfast tradition" that only lasted one week
-we celebrated Valentines Day at 10:30 after Tanners test

-we took a trip to AZ and saw the new Gilbert temple, and went to a Dodgers/Cubs spring game
-that was the last time staying in my childhood home
-we took a trip to St. George with our friends
-we sold our car...RIP Big Blue

-both sides of parents visited us in Utah
-we were in the Ensign for the second time...
-we went to a Lakers vs. Jazz game and sat in the very last row
-we celebrated Easter with a friend Easter Party, and a family Easter Dinner
-I saw Ingrid Michaelson in concert with friends and laughed my head off 

-we had a backyard Cinco De mayo party
-we started our addiction with the Provo Food Truck Round Up on Thursdays
-we hiked the Y together for the very first time
-we spoke in church on Mother's Day
-Tanner participated in a clinic at the Roseman dental school, and we knew it would be the perfect profession for him
-Tanner and I rarely saw each other as he started studying for the DAT

-We continued to rarely see each other...
-Shelley stepped in as my husband and we were with each other 24/7
-we threw our friend Morgan's backyard bridal shower
-we went to AZ for Morgan & Mckay's wedding
-we headed to Carlsbad for our annual beach trip

-we celebrated the 4th in Carlsbad with my family
-we went to the San Diego temple for the first time and toured downtown
-Tanner took the DAT at the end of the month and did awesome! I seriously had never been happier--I had my husband back!...but not for long
-we took another trip to Hebgen Lake
-we traveled to Santa Barbara for our Oma and Opa's wedding anniversary party

-we went to Newport with the Zylstra's for a week long vaca
-we saw Wicked in SLC for Tanner's birthday
-we went to dinner like a million times for the birthday boy
-we rode the Alpine Slides
-we sold my small SUV and bought our first small car--we officially became a one car family
-Tanner started traveling almost every weekend for interviews

-we took a trip to Bear Lake with our friends
-we went to the SLC Fair for my work party
-we surprised my mom in AZ for her birthday
-I planned a work retreat in Park City
-I cut bangs

-we went to Conference with my parents and ran into Mindy
-Tanner's younger brother came to Utah for a visit and we all went to the football game
-we celebrated my birthday and our 2nd anniversary

-we celebrated yet another wedding, in LA
-we took a trip to San Francisco to see if it would be our future home
-we got a new niece
-we spent Thanksgiving with the Zylstra's in California
-we realized we spent the same amount of time in UT as we did in CA this month
-we got accepted to dental schools!

-I threw my work's Christmas party-Great Gatsby themed
-we ate & baked lots of treats
-we decorated our home for Christmas
-we never saw snow
-we traveled to DC for a wedding, to NYC for fun, and everywhere in between
-we spent Christmas in AZ with the Rogers

we had an absolutely wonderful 2014 with lots of ups and downs, but I couldn't be happier, or feel more blessed. there's no one I would rather spend my years with, and I loved reflecting on all of the fun we had together last year!

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  1. what a year! LOVE this recap and all the fun things ahead in 2015!!

    xo welltraveledwife.com