December 7, 2014

Our Thanksgiving

We spent the Thanksgiving holiday with the Zylstra's this year in California. It's crazy to think that this was my first year at their house for Thanksgiving, because two years ago we were on our honeymoon, so we didn't spend it with them (we switch off holidays with our families). Even after welcoming a brand new baby into the family, we were lucky enough to all be together, so it was tons of fun! Due to the baby, and having Oma and Opa in town, it was pretty laid back. We did a lot of relaxing, baby snuggling, movie seeing, eating, football games, craft days, and spending time with each other. I think it was just what we all needed.

I could have yummy greek yogurt parfaits everyday. 

Lots of Olivia snuggles, not complaining one bit.

I've had a couple bad sweet potato experiences (I really like them in fry form though!) but I took a stab at a sweet potato casserole, and the turned out super yummy. Under that layer of marshmallows is lots of brown sugar and some pecans.

Sarah made that stuffing next to it with cornbread! So yum.

Carson with cousin Olivia was just too cute! He didn't understand why we all wanted pictures of him holding her. Heart.Melt.
After falling asleep (probably to watching black-ish) we decided we needed a Thanksgiving picture. Don't mind our sleepy swollen faces.. :/

 I was finally able to participate in the Monahan (my MIL's family) craft day! We made the cutest snowmen out of fleece.

Logan's football team was in the semi finals (sadly, they lost) but it was fun to have everyone at the game!

All this took was some back tickles, and Bailey girl was out.

All of the boys. Minus baby Cooper.

I would say we had a pretty successful Thanksgiving with family, and I think it was hard on all of us to leave!

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