December 10, 2014


Don't get me wrong, I truly love the holiday season, but, why does it have to be straight craziness? Luckily my work party was last weekend, so that has relieved a lot of my stress! Here are some pictures as of late.
My sister in law and I made a "Mr. & Mrs." banner for a shower. It was out of burlap bunting, twine, stencils and black paint all from Hobby Lobby. It was super quick, and turned our darling! 

I have wanted to host a Gatsby party for years now. I decided it would be a good theme for our work Holiday party, because we haven't really done a "theme" before. I was so amazed by everyone who dressed up and participated. It turned out so awesome, and I can now check that off my list! We hired out a photographer (thankfully) so I will be posting those pictures when I get them back!

We had small disco balls on some of the tables, and at the end of the night, a few of us were dancing with them while the band played. It sounds silly, but it was seriously hilarious.


The next morning I finally tried Ivie Juice Bar on Center Street in Provo. I had been wanting to try this place for a very long time, because they have one of my very favorite things: Acai Bowls. They did NOT disappoint. I was so happy with my "beach babe" choice. So delicious, filling, and I always feel so good after eating it!

I then was able to go to a baby shower that  afternoon, and saw many friends from our King Henry days!

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  1. Love your Gatsby outfit! I have always wanted to go to a party like that, but never have! How fun. Also I have never had an Acai bowl but I keep hearing about how delicious they are... I'll have to try one.