November 19, 2014

San Francisco:Day 4

Our last and final day. :( That's always the worst feeling on a great vacation, knowing that you have to go back home!
Tanners interview didn't start until 10, so we were able to sleep in a little bit and watch a few shows! I loved cuddling in bed with the view of the city, that was seriously the best! After we walked to school and I was now on my own, I had to start exploring! I started with breakfast at the cutest bakery, and then headed to the mall, because what else was I supposed to do? ;)

It actually was pretty relaxing not having any schedule and just sitting in the pretty weather for however long I wanted!

Haha this is a gif of a snapchat video I sent dancing in the dressing room. It was just too good not to share.

I then walked around the park, and just chilled! I loved people watching. I also browsed some other shops and home decor stores just to embrace their Holiday decor, swoon Anthropologie. I google mapped a couple places and I swore sometimes I walked in 6 straight circles, but I was getting in my exercise for the day, so that made it better.
One time when i was wandering, a man jogging very fast in all black ran past me. I don't know if it was because I was alone on the sidewalk or what, but I honestly got so scared, and had to go through some breathing exercises to relax. It was so freaky, and I got instant tears!
I also got to send some pretty awesome pictures to Tanner when I was bored, but spending some much needed, quality time in the best Target ever.
I then had to go back to the hotel and pack up our things, and I seriously just wandered. I didn't really know what time he would be done, so I didn't want to do anything too crazy alone. I walked a ton, and like I said, in lots of circles. I sat outside of the school in the cold for a good hour and a half waiting for mr. social, and by that time, we still had to return the rental car before we headed back to the airport. 
I had a FULL list of things I thought we would have time to do, because I thought he would be done around 2, not 5:30. I was a little bummed, but after the car drop off, we found ourself back in Union Square, and being the romantic that Tanner is, he snuck off and got us cable car tickets! I was really wanting to do this the whole trip, and it couldn't have worked out more perfectly. It was packed, and you have to have your bags on your chest, because you get SO close to other trolleys. It was such a pretty evening, and we hopped off right in the heart of China Town. We had no idea where we were, and the food we were seeing didn't look that appealing...
We had been wanting to go to a place called Tacolicious, because we heard their street tacos were amazing. Well lucky for me, it was right next door to a homemade creamery I also wanted to try. When I realized the time and location wasn't going to work out, I just figured we would eat at the airport or something. UNTIL, Tanner looked up Tacolicious, and there was ANOTHER location, and it happened to be like 2 miles away from us. Score! They seated us so quickly, and I literally ask Tanner if we can go there every night. It was SO GOOD. I need it again. Those street tacos, man. MMM!

If you look closely, you can see the Bay Bridge behind us!

All in all the night was amazing, and I was so happy to spend our last night wandering the streets together. 
Neck pillows for the win! I don't know why I think it's so funny that they fluff up your cheeks if you do crazy that...

We got in super late that night, and waking up at home was a little disappointing! I wanted to be in that city, and well... eating tacolicous. ;)

I'm so happy I got to experience this trip with my lover. Even if we don't live there, I know for sure we will be visiting again, and I hope it will be soon! And if we do, we would love to have visitors!!

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  1. J and I have been thinking of places to vacay! Well your post pretty much confirmed that we should go!
    Love your blog and love you!