November 19, 2014

San Francisco:Day 3

On our 3rd day in SF we waited in line for 2 hrs for the most amazing breakfast. The night before we talked about not going because we were so exhausted and didn't know if it would be worth it. I'm so glad that Tanner's dad went early and started waiting in line, because it was SO delicious and SO worth it. It was definitely a SF experience worth waiting for.

Everyone go to Mama's in Washington Square, and wait in line before it opens at 8. I think if we would've gotten up earlier and just waited in line, we would have gotten in quicker, but I didn't mind exploring on our down time!
We went inside another beautiful cathedral. I love seeing other peoples' places of worship, and learning about their religion.
In the middle of the park there is this "port a potty" but as you can tell, it's a lot nicer than the usual. After you step out, it washes down all the walls and floor. Pretty nice for bein straight in the city!
So glad I had my Olive Lane tee on the trip! It was so hot that morning that I was thankful I had a short sleeve. Logan on the other hand was wearing a sweatshirt. :/
Because they have such long lines, they help you know what to order ahead of time, and they get the food to you super quick.
It was just a cute little place with only a couple tables, but man they make great food.
We then headed to Beach Blanket Babylon, which is a musical show of lots of hilarious spoofs of politics and pop culture. They all wear gigantic hats, and it's very funny.
After the show we headed down Lombard street, famous for the 8 extremely tight turns. I can't believe the houses that live on that street! Also, the garages crack me up, I don't know how anyone gets out of their car once they're inside-they're teeny! 
This angle made everyone look like midgets! The street was so steep!
After we got down the street and took a breather (seriously the street was freaky) we drove back to the hotel to get the fam packed to leave. :( 
On the way to the airport, we stopped by the Golden Gate Bridge, and it was seriously the most picturesque day with just some slight fog rollin in.
one last family selfie! 
After the bridge, we stopped in San Jose for dinner, and sadly ended off the trip with not so good food. We won't be going back there! It was so sad to drop them off, but we were so happy they could spend a couple quick days with us! And, we were sort of rooting the whole week that Logan's football team would lose so that he could come...sorry bud! ;)
Tanner's cousin and fiance live in San Jose area...I think... and we met them for yummy cookie ice cream sandwiches. You bet I was smiling from ear to ear! It was really fun to visit with them for the night, because we don't get to see them that often. We are so excited for their wedding next year!
Tanner and I could barely keep our eyes open driving back to the hotel so late, so I can't even remember going to sleep that night. It was yet another successful day!


  1. i'm loving ALL of this!!!! so glad you did mama's -- and everything! going to stalk all your SF posts now!