November 13, 2014

San Francisco:Day 1

On Monday evening (technically early Tuesday morning), we arrived home from our trip to San Francisco. Tanner had an interview on Monday at the University of Pacific dental school, and he decided to let me tag along, and make a weekend out of it!This was my first time to Northern California, and I absolutely loved it. I'm a California girl at heart.

We left Friday morning and flew into Oakland. We were a little delayed due to fog, and when we flew in, we were in a white cloud for at least two minutes, and I started to have a mild anxiety attack. I took this picture below, and Tanner let me know that we were over water. "Um, are we going to die?"
Once we landed we hopped on a shuttle to take us to BART, and rode that until our stop. We had reservations for an Alcatraz tour, so because of our delay, we were just going to go straight to the tour. Then we started thinking that we may not be able to bring our luggage with us. Good thing we didn't, because there was a huge sign right when we walked in line saying that they didn't allow bags bigger than such and such size!
We had 45 minutes until our tour, and when Tanner looked it up, we were 15 minutes away from our hotel. We were supposed to be at the tour with 30 minutes to spare, so what did we do? We started running. With our luggage. Up the SF hills. In the humidity. 
I was in a wool sweater, so by the time we got to the hotel, I was drenched. But, so was Tanner. 
We dropped off our luggage with the bellman, and hopped in an Uber which was a life saver. We rolled down the windows, and tried to cool off. You'll notice that sweat+humidity+a boat ride didn't really go so well with the bangs.
 Right when we walked up from underground, I couldn't stop smiling and looking all around! Because of the Giants winning the World Series, the city was still booming, and proud. I loved experiencing that!
We lucked out with seriously beautiful weather all weekend.
After our 2 mile run
First spotting of the Bay Bridge
bangs are starting to flip...
Starting to spot Alcatraz
That wind felt so niiiice. Nothing like cooling off some fresh sweat and then being in that nastiness all day! ;)
Before we left, I bought a "selfie stick" from Amazon, and I seriously recommend getting one if you go on a trip just with your spouse. I was a little embarrassed at first, but I can't tell you how many times people asked what it was, where we got it, and commented on how cool it was. It was actually helpful when I took pictures in Alcatraz, because I just clicked away on the bluetooth, and the stick made it super sturdy.

I loved these walls in Alcatraz, I started to feel like we were in Europe!
First pictures of the day, I had some trouble remembering to look into the camera...
I just love this picture, because we are both fighting so hard to open our eyes!
The grounds were open during the time we went, so it was fun to explore.
I'm no History junkie like my dad, but I was seriously into it. And get this. I was the one who wanted to stay longer! Snaps.
Part of the recording told us to go into the cell, close our eyes, and pictures ourselves being stuck in there, seeing the light, etc... don't quote me on that. But, Tanner was wayyyy into it...
Keep your eyes on those bangs.
 How the men finally broke free. Those are fake heads made out of bars of soap.
An actual prisoner that we got to talk to. He didn't do anything that cool... he just broke out of every jail he was thrown into...until he was sent to Alcatraz! :)
 SO. Windy.
 The fog cleared up and the city looked beautiful!
 Our Alcatraz picture that we snuck another picture of :)
After the tour, it was wayyyy past lunch time, and since we didn't have anything before hand, we were starving. We walked down a couple piers to grab some clam chowder in sourdough bread bowls, and tour the rest of Fisherman's Wharf.
Tanner told me I actually looked homeless, and now I know why...
This car was hilarious to watch go up a hill!
We were so tempted to get dessert before dinner, but we figured his family would want to join us the next day!
 My favorite part of the whole day.
We took some cool pictures at a wax museum. 
Find a leaf with every fall color, and that's bigger than your head. Check!
The Bay Bridge lit up at night is so beautiful.
We headed back to the hotel just to rest and freshen up before dinner. Man, a shower never felt so good! And, putting our feet up was a treat as well; we walked so much!

We went to a delicious Italian restaraunt in China town, headed back to the hotel to sit by the outdoor fire, and have some mini Ben & Jerry's ice creams.

It was the perfect first day.

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