November 5, 2014

A Wedding Weekend

We spent the last weekend in LaVerne California, Tanner's hometown. Our friends Jio & Kristen got married on November 1st, and we were so happy we could be a part of it. When we were dating I was introduced to those two, and I instantly knew we would be lifetime friends. I feel like I've known them as long as Tanner has, and I couldn't be more grateful!

We arrived early in the morning on Halloween, and from the airport, we went to the beach house, and then had a yummy breakfast outside enjoying the beautiful weather. After that, we ran lots of errands with Tanners mother, and enjoyed our day off. I really soaked up all the time I got with my dude, it was so fun!

That night, we enjoyed Bruxie for dinner, and went to the Bonita football game to watch our little brother Logan. Although sadly to admit, I...fell asleep. No joke! I've never done that, but we left Provo at 4am to catch our flight, so I guess that explains it! :/

Wish I could lay out there forever! Please look at my arm mid air.

The next morning we hung around the house, ran to his dads office, went to the deli and had a delicious sandwich, and went home to get ready for the wedding. Jio & Kristen got married at the Westin Hotel in Pasadena, and it was beautiful. Now, for all of the pictures.

Jio waiting for his bride

Scott and Jeff got a classic selfie as Kristen was making her entrance!

I feel so lucky to have such great in laws.

After the cocktail hour we went outside by the pretty fire, and of course the boys had to invent a game.

The flowers were huge, and I loved them!

The original 4.

The lace on her dress was absolutely stunning, and had SO much detail!

Crossing our fingers that these two are next!

Money dance.

The only way Kristen could sit down all night haha!

Dance dance dance allll night.

We love you Mr. & Mrs. Mier!!

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