November 30, 2014

San Francisco's Food

After all that delicious Thanksgiving food, I decided to take it back to The Bay and talk about more food. Here is a guide to eating your way through SF!

 Boudin (Lunch)
We went to Boudin on our first day in SF after our voyage to Alcatraz. I had the classic clam chowder in a bread bowl, and Tanner ventured to a crab cake sandwich and fries. We also filled up on some endless root beer, and it was the perfect meal for our hungry selves! The clam chowder was different than I’ve had before, but it was unique, I liked it. Chunky, and good. The sourdough wasn’t as sour as I was hoping (I love me some good sourdough) but you can’t complain about some yummy carbs after a day of walking. Tanner’s sandwich was interesting (he loved it!) I’m just not a huge fan of crab cakes. But it all tasted soooo good. Especially by the third root beer. (!)
I think this is a must, just to experience the atomosphere of Fisherman's Wharf!
Highly Recommend

Ideale (Dinner)

We were recommended by our cousins to try Ideale, a delicious Italian Restaurant in China Town. Crazy that I’ve heard the best Italian food happens to be in China Town! We were told it was their absolute favorite, so we went in with high hopes. It did not disappoint. I was still stuffed from Boudin that afternoon, so I opted for a prosciutto wrapped pear appetizer that was so refreshing and good! Though, I wish I had gotten the house lasagna like Tanner, because I’ve never tasted better lasagna in my LIFE! The restaurant was a classic Italian family’s teeny place, and they were all sooo kind, and man, Italians talk LOUD! It was so fun to eaves drop! It wasn’t in the best area, but I loved the lights that were strung above the whole area. The atmosphere was so fun!
Highly Recommend

Unami Burger (Lunch)
I had read many reviews and heard from friends that this place needed to be tried. The location that we found during our bike ride was so cute, and I was already excited to try it. We all got different burgers: Brother:Manly Burger Husband:The Especiale Me:A Turkey Avocado Burger that isn't on the online menu Parents:I can't remember what they got!
 The fries were good, but not outrageous. They bring dipping sauces for your fries (if you ask-we are so used to Utah!) and they weren’t “fry sauce” they were more unique and different. My burger got pretty soggy near the end, but I thought it tasted good. We were glad we tried it, but we weren’t blown away.
This is where we learned that SF doesn’t put ice in their water…?
Recommend-not top on our list

Tropisueno (Dinner)
We were looking for good Mexican food, and our hotel’s concierge showed us the way! This restaurant was located at the Yerba Buena Gardens and since we had a bit of a wait (make sure you call ahead) we were able to explore a little bit. We were sat down with some delicious chips and 3 different salsas. They were so good, so we knew the rest of the food was going to be absolutely amazing. Husband, Brother, Dad: Tampiqueno Mom: Chicken Taco and Chicken Enchilada combo Me: Chicken Flauta and carne asada taco.
We were super stuffed at the end of our meals, with absolutely delicious food.
Highly Recommend

Ghirardelli (Dessert)
Hopefully you’re already familiar with Ghirardelli chocolates, or their other Ghirardelli Square locations, but if you’re not, it’s time to jump on the bandwagon. Their stuff is the bomb. And when I mean the bomb, I mean the bomb. I’m totally a sundae girl, and there’s nothing better than some Ghirardelli fudge and caramel drizzled on my ice cream oh, and with a brownie. It’s so delicious, and well worth the steep hill bike ride we took through China Town to get there! You really can’t go wrong with their sundaes, and I don’t know if I can wait another 6 months to go to the San Diego location!!
Highly Recommend

Mama’s (Breakfast)
Woowee was this place good! I’m SO glad we stood in line for this place-well worth the wait and experience! If you know you’re going, plan ahead to wait in line before it opens at 8, and you’ll get in sooner. Even if you do have to wait, Washington Square is such a fun place in town, and if you’re with a group, you can take “shifts”!  This just in: They’re opening another location down the street-less crowds-or more..! We decided on all sharing the ­­­Crumb Cake and an apple dish one of the owners recommended. We had plenty of food, but almost not enough. ;)
Brother:Banana Pancakes Husband:Monte Cristo Dad:An Egg's Benedict Mom:The Californian Omelette Me:Washington Square Omelette
Because you have to wait in line, they bring your food to you lickety split and with fresh jam! The family atmosphere was so inviting, and I would for sure go back.
Highly Recommend

CREAM (Dessert)
We stopped in San Jose to visit Tanner’s cousin and fiancĂ©, and we enjoyed some homemade cookies with some ice cream smooshed in between them. So yum! I always love a good ice cream sandwich with your choice of cookies and ice cream. But let’s be real, I could just eat desserts all day, duh.


La Boulange (Bakery & Café-Breakfast)
I went to breakfast alone, but I can’t complain. I had a delicious chocolate croissant with a great, relaxing view. I ordered a fresh squeezed OJ, a chocolate hazelnut croissant (oh yeah!), and an almond croissant. They both had this same paste in it that made it so moist (ew I hate that word) and delicious. I saved half of each for Tanner after his interview (his fav is almond) and they were still so fresh! I wish I would have gotten some of the heartier things on the menu to try, but I can’t pass up a chocolate croissant, I just can’t.
Highly Recommend for a quick cafe breakfast

Tacolicios (Dinner)
My absolute favorite place we went. I don’t know if it was because I was hungry, or just because I seriously loved our last night in the city, but these street tacos were on POINT! Our cousins recommended this place as well (I can send you their 5 page list if you visit!) and I seriously dream about them at least once a day. I’ve asked Tanner a couple times if we can go back just to get some tacos. We also got a quesadilla to share. The salsas were such a unique flavor too! We were racing from China Town to catch an Uber to the airport but needed food fast. We told them that, sat at the bar, and ate and paid within 15 minutes. They have great service and definitely put their customers first!
We got: Short Rib, Carnitas, and Chicken tacos, and a Carnitas Quesadilla
Highlyyyyyy Recommend
If you visit, please go to the one near Bi-Rite Creamery. This was on my list of things to do (that didn’t happen-but it will next time!). I wanted street tacos followed by some homemade creamery. SO if you visit, please do this and tell me how amazing it was. Better yet, bring me some tacos home.

There was a dinner and a lunch that aren’t worth mentioning, but all in all the food was amazing like everyone says. When I see other people visit via social media, I realize that we missed out on some other amazing places! I hope we can go back soon so that we eat more and more! I would love to hear of your favorite places to eat as well so that I can keep a running list of places to go.
Visit SF at your earliest convenience, I love that city and its yummy food!

November 27, 2014

Extremely Grateful

This holiday season has made me extremely grateful. I've been able to really reflect on how lucky and blessed we are, and what a good life we have! Our lives are about to change so much in the next coming months, and I'm thankful I have Tanner by my side. Without him I'd be lost. We have grown so much in the past couples years, and I hope to continue to grow even more, because we are far from perfect. But, I enjoy every journey we are on, and I couldn't imagine it with anyone else. 

Today I'm especially thankful that I have such a great family. Although I'm missing my immediate family back in AZ, I've been able to enjoy time with my in-laws, and I love developing our relationships even more. It's a great day to reflect on all that we are thankful for. As we approach this Christmas season, I hope we start to remember the real meaning of what we celebrate.  

Happy Thanksgiving to you! I hope you spend your day with your loved ones, eat lots of great food, and make lasting memories.

November 24, 2014

Life Lately

Wow, life has been crazy! But, crazy good. I have a lot to catch up on, so let's begin.

While we were in San Francisco, Tanner's brother and wife had their second daughter, Olivia. She's a bundle of joy with tons of dark hair, and I can't help but snuggle her.
The caterer that I've used for our past couple Christmas Parties opened a new kitchen and warehouse space and they held a Grand Opening for it. Of course I had to go because I knew the food would be amaaaazing. Sadly, Tanner had class so I was ridin solo, but I so wish he could have come because the FOOD. It was bomb.
A cornbread waffle with sweet pork on top? Yum.
Cronuts, no words.
Eggnog gelato? Me please.
I actually got the berry and it was super delish.
A very cool drink station.
And because I was still solo waiting for Tanner to get home, I went to snuggle the new babe some more.
I had a bridal shower and baby shower in the same weekend, and it's always so fun to celebrate those you love!
Diamonds are a girls best friend! The single ladies were loving trying on all the rings for their boyfriends. hint hint. 
Literal 2-person undies...
She gets married today!!!!

I sadly didn't get a picture with my friend Janey at her shower, but I can't wait for her new baby girl! She was my roommate for maybe 6 months, but we have stayed so close, and I'm so grateful for our sweet relationship.
After the shower I went back to see my best friend Olivia. I just love her, ok?
Later that night Tanner and I went to a very cold football game.
That next Monday my company won the "Top Work Places for 2014" award, and we celebrated with cake and lots of balloons.
I was asked to help plan and decorate a Young Women's Evening in Excellence, Dr, Seuss themed. It turned out so cute! I was brainstorming this great college graduation party I was going to do for the husband, until I found out that was his High School graduation party's theme, dang it.
The next day I had to be at two events at once. I had to help organize and pass out tickets at a Hunger Game premiere like we did last year, and at the Gallivan Center ice skating rink downtown. Because Tanner had class again, I chose to spend most of my time at the skating rink so that we could see the movie another time together, and so that he could meet me after class. It ended up working out, but it was just a tad bit stressful!
The next night we went to the Lighting of the Riverwoods, and we feel so lucky to live in Provo! They have the most amazing free activities for everyone, and they never disappoint! The Strike performed for us, and then we watched a 15 minute (seriously) firework show to some improvised piano music. It was a blast, and the most amazing fireworks!
The nexxtttt day, my brother in law came to utah with two of my nephews for the BYU game! We ate at Chik Fil A after going to the bookstore, watched the game in the cold rain, ate a cougar tail, had ice cream at the creamery (his mom can never leave Provo without it and I didn't complain), they came and saw our house, and then we went to Sandy to eat The Pie with his siblings and socialize! It was a very long day, but so fun! I loved having those boys in town.

Sunday night we decorated for Christmas and made cookies. I was one happy girl. It made me realize how teeny our house is, when i had to pack up one whole bin of decor that I didn't have room for!
AMA's didn't disappoint either.
I still love our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree!
It's been a fun couple of weeks! Sadly to say I'm really excited to have another break for Thanksgiving in California, pathetic I know. We will have been in California half of the month this month, but I'm not complaining one bit!

Here's the video we made from SF. Enjoy!