October 27, 2014

Utah's Fall

The past couple months I have really been enjoying this beautiful Utah fall. The colors are so rich, and the weather has been amazing. Mark my words, this has been the best one yet.

When I moved to Provo after I graduated, I wasn't a big fan of Utah. Even when I got married, Tanner and I weren't fans either! It's only been this last year that we've really fallen in love with Utah. Coming from Az, where all it has is beautiful desert sunsets, and great December weather, I never even knew what "fall" was. It makes me extra grateful for the time I've had to enjoy this fall. I know it sounds crazy, but it feels like such a great "send off" to wherever we may live for Dental School. Who knows, we could stay in Utah, but I'm so grateful it's been so beautiful, and that I've really gotten to enjoy Utah, just in case we sadly get to leave it.

The past 2 weekends I have been home alone while Tanner has been traveling for interviews. I've gone on some beautiful nature walks and runs (one time at the Provo river by myself at dusk-never doing that again), and I LOVE taking pictures of the colors!! I'm seriously obsessed. 

When Tanner saw this picture, he asked if I had made those circles myself haha. It does look kind of fake!

Saturday I decided to drag a friend along this time, and luckily, both husbands were out of town, so we literally spent all day together. It was one of the funnest Saturdays-we both said that!
We hiked the Y, made a Costco run, ate an early lunch at Kneaders, I visited her at work, and then crazy enough, the boys were on the same flight home! So we stopped at City Creek, grocery shopped at Harmon's, then finally got to see our men. It was such a good day!

I'm thankful for the time Tanner and I have been able to have apart-crazy I know-but it's made our relationship stronger, and there's no better feeling than when you get to see your loved one after missing them! I'm also very grateful those last 2 weekend are over, because these next 2 weekends, I get to be his travel buddy! Eek! I've been waiting for this week for too long! 


  1. So fun!! Where has he been interviewing with? Craig and I are starting to look at the costs of flying to interviews next fall- and I am not looking forward to it!! That is so exciting though! It is so fun to follow your story because I really hope ours will be the same in the near future!

    1. Hey girl! He has had 3 interviews so far, and 3 more to go (and crossing our fingers for a couple more!). Yes, the cost is outrageous, I always laugh when people assume they're like "business trips" and everything's paid for. I wish!! We decided I wouldn't travel with him unless he went to SF, and that's where we're going next weekend! YAY! It makes it so much easier if you use any connections you have for airport rides, or having him stay in their home. It's an exciting time! Good luck to you two!