October 2, 2014

Our Weekend in Mesa

First off, shout out to my Brim babe who's birthday was on the 28th along with my mothers..it makes it realllll easy to have those two dates align! :) Sad we couldn't celebrate with you!

This last weekend we headed to Mesatown so Tanner could have an interview at the A.T. Still dental school! It happened to fall on the weekend of my mothers birthday, and my other sister happened to be going into town as well, so we knew I needed to surprise her. 

She thought Tanner was coming on Sunday evening, but we surprised her Friday evening... in the pantry. You can see that hilarious video here. It was so fun to all be together for Sunday dinner, and throughout the weekend! My mom loved it, and we love her. 

It wouldn't be a true trip to Mesa without stopping at Last Chance for some shopping with your girls, and then some In N Out later. It was super stormy and rainy, and the lights kept flickering and the power kept going in and out. We reallllly didn't want to be stuck in that place during a power outage, so luckily we made it out in time! And, sadly for them, we saw cars with trees on top of them!

SO happy I finally got to see my Riss. She got home from serving the Lord in Texas, and I'm so happy I got to spend the weekend with her pretty face! I'm so happy we got to all spend time together, because I miss my AZ chicks!

I love these cute nieces and nephews of mine! They're so fun, and make me never want to leave!

We stayed at my sisters house one night, and the kids loved it, and of course we did too! It was also fun to work on some letters and shapes with those cute boys!

I was so happy to make a quick trip home, because we won't be back there (or see that sis and her family) until Christmas! Those kids make you feel so loved, and it's the best feeling in the world!

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  1. Hey, thanks for the birthday shout out!! Still jealous you were in AZ. I miss that place.