October 7, 2014

Our Conference Weekend

This past weekend we were able to have Tanners little brother, my oldest sister and her family, my parents, and our friend, Marissa in town. It was the weekend for the 184th LDS General Conference in SLC, and they came up for that. We ate way too good, went to the sad, sad football game, and enjoyed our company. We love when we have visitors!!

My sisters' family got to Provo Thursday evening, and after a stop at Sodalicious and my house, they met me up at City Creek and waited for Tanners class to be over so we could grab a bite to eat.

The girls loved the outdoor mall, and the fact that their favorite aunt let them throw pennies in the creek! :)

The next morning, I had a sales rally at work, and it was superhero themed. I came as Captain America, and if you look closely, you might be creeped out by my mask.

That evening we went to Station 22 on Center Street with Tanners family, and it was so much fun. The city of Provo is so great at having free activities for us poor college kids. For the last couple months, they've had a rooftop concert every first Friday of the month. This last concert was really big, so what did they do? They closed Center Street and made it a full blown party. Although we didn't get to stay for the concert, the atmosphere was so fun!

We had to wait for a couple minutes for a table, and I loved enjoying the cool fall air, the leaves falling, and looking at the new temple being built!

We then headed to the game, and weren't prepared for the embarrassing loss that was about to happen... maybe next time. At least we walked away with some free shirts and sunnies! :)

LOL at the photo bomber.

This picture isn't that bad, but taken from this angle the other pictures made us all have midget legs, it was so funny! We aren't very midgety..

Saturday morning we woke up early and drove to SLC for the morning session of General Conference with my family. My mom watched little Laney girl so that the oldest two could go to the conference center with their parents! She had a big pink box full of cinnamon rolls on her lap, and she was the best little sharer with her sweet-toothed aunt.

car ride selfies

After having my best friend serving a mission at the Visitors Center for the last 18 months, I usually know where to spot her during conference. We had no such luck that morning, and I was SO bummed. I was hopeful she was sitting in the conference center as well (since her mission is almost done, and it would be her last time) but I wasn't quite sure. Thank goodness I literally ran into her walking out. It was meant to be! She goes home October 29th, and I can't wait for her to get back to Utah come January! We've been in the same state, but obviously it's been so different, and I can't wait to party again.
she's so pretty, and i love her.

Sunday morning we went to another session of conference with my parents, and then we packed up and took them to the airport. It was a great weekend with them, and I'm glad we got to see everyone again for another weekend, because we won't see my family until Christmas! 

We got back to Provo in time to watch the next session of conference, and then we had an outdoor dinner for our birthday girl, Marissa! 

i'm such a rockstar

Sunday night she got to bunk up at our house, and it was just like old times! 
We wish you would come live in UT, Riss! 

I feel so blessed and spiritually uplifted after this weekend. If you didn't catch conference, or would like to watch, I'd invite you to please go here. I promise you will feel enlightened!  

I'd love to hear what your favorite talk was!