October 13, 2014

Fall Craft: Painted Punkins

I don't really love Halloween, but I sure as heck love fall. And, I love pumpkins. That's basically all I decorate with, and I love it! I decided I wanted to do a craft for our porch that I could keep forever, and take wherever we live next fall (eek!). All of our supplies were purchased at Joann's, and I used Martha Stewart brand paint. The big pumpkin is actually an artificial carvable pumpkin (50% off!)...((did you know they made those?)), and the two smaller pumpkins were paper mache, and those were 60% off. Don't forget to download their app for their coupons-I was able to get 50% off of paint! Small price, but it adds up! 

The only difficult part of this craft were the grooves on the pumpkins. They're groooovy little suckers, and my chevron pumpkin was supposed to have more stripes, but it was so hard to have those lines straight. I was bummed at first, but now I'm super happy with the result! I ended up hot glueing the pumpkins to each other so that they won't blow away, and now they're super sturdy. I loved having the black, white, and gold color scheme, because I feel like I can keep them past Halloween as well? But, I also thought a bright orange, purple, silver, even with some hot pink would be so cute.

This was a pretty easy weekend craft, and I'm happy with how they turned out! And, the best part is Tanner helped me pick out the supplies, and helped paint! It was super fun to do it together. 

Make sure you keep the tape on until the paint on is completely dry!

These paper mache pumpkins would be even cute plain like this!

We decided to keep this one white and just throw a bow on it. Of course we had to have all of the stems be gold though! :)

The final result: I love them!

Happy fall! 

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